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Photo Update 89

Lovely Distraction

I hate taking down X-mas decorations! I love to put them up, just not taking them down. I needed a little help, some inspiration, so I called my friend Nikki Blaze over to give me a hand. The minute she came over, I was inspired, but not for decorations!

It took us about 2 minutes before we had taken each others pants off and were all over each other. That's what I love about Nikki, she reads my mind, she had on the slippers I got her and I had on the slippers she got me! We had the same type of hoodies on with no bra and we can't seem to keep our hands off of each other. We made out for so long that my lips felt numb and my fingers were pruned from rubbing her wet pussy!

Now I know why some people leave their damn decorations up so long after the season, maybe they are just trapped in the house having really great sex?!

Enjoy my latest set and make sure to email me and let me know what you think ! of all 55 pics for this set. And remember to tip me down below here I need new outfits for the New Year for all of you!!??


Lacy Kush


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