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Photo Update 90

Dirty Thoughts

You have all been doing so well with sending me your suggestions for my new years shoots. I am always amazed to find so many like minded perverts out there for me to talk to. I have yet to hear a suggestion that isn't being considered.

With that in mind, I am working on all sorts of sets and outfits for you all. I may even have figured out a way for you to buy me the outfit of your choice for upcoming shoots! That will be a lot of fun, wouldn't you like to dress me in something so I can undress for you?

With all of those suggestions coming in lately, you guys have really been keeping my pussy very wet! I have found myself daydreaming a few times already, trying to picture myself in all the dirty little ways that you'd like to see me, it's quite distracting! I was about to cum at my desk the other day and I hadn't even touched myself yet! My pussy was so swollen and sensitive that I was afraid to touch her and ! my nipples were poking through my bra! I had to close my office door for a few minutes to settle down. I would have been too loud if I had tried to please myself at that point.

So be ready for a lot fun this year and enjoy those dirty little thoughts of me at work!!!


Lacy Kush


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