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Photo Update 174
Well we started out on a road trip as we often do looking for some cool places to do shoots you know making a day of it and a adventure , we ended up in the inner city urban area where they have really cool street art the kind of place thats probably not the safest to be but we have done this before with no problems. We found a very cool old building thats pretty abandoned and pretty much demolished so thinking that we were alone we started to do the shoot we didn't get to far into it before we saw two men approching us not sure what they wanted and not wanting to take any chances we decided it would be best to get back in our car and leave. so we did., the first few pictures are from there and then the rest are from a a cross walk area over the expressway in very fun place to shoot but it seems that everywhere we went that day there were alot of people around so I wasn't able to shoot much nudity so this is mostly a peekaboo shoot but I hope that you still enjoy it I had fun doing it.

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