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Photo Update 2330


Outside, in my backyard.

No makeup.   My suntanned skin doesn't need it *wink*

Wearing jeans, tenny shoes, and a halter top.   

Posing by my husband's riding mower, and hiding from my nosey neighbors.

My yard is definitely NOT private.  BUMMER!   I've tried to be creative and find places that my husband and I can release our inner kink *um, horniness*.......without being so on the stage for our neighbors to watch.   But trust me, it's difficult!  And I'm quite sure that my neighbors in the house behind me have gotten a show a few times in the past, whether they wanted one or not.......*grin*   They are probably always wondering what the older couple that lives behind them are always doing with a camera in the pool, and now with the mower!  To their credit, they've always been nice when we've chatted at the fence about our gardens, or our pets.   And if they've seen us, they've never fessed up..........

But would you fess up if YOU saw me? *grin*

Curves, Tits & Ass

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