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Here you can buy homemade items that horny housewife Eva has made herself, and personal items she's worn! Shipping and handling is included in the below prices (for U.S. shipping only) Enjoy shopping with me!

Handmade soaps:

Eva's coffee vanilla bean soap: Made from real coffee and real vanilla bean in an olive oil soap base. The coffee grounds exfoliate and energize dull tired skin. Together with the real vanilla bean this soap smells good enough to eat! In fact they smell so good, my husband almost took a bite of them, thinking they were one of my tasty deserts! $10.00 a bar

Eva's Fancy Feet soap: Made with a loofah sponge from Eva's garden encased right into the soap! This is Eva's special blend of pepermint, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oils in an olive oil soap base to pamper those precious toes. $10.00 a bar

Want to get personal?
Now you can, with items that I've worn. This is my personal store. Where you can buy a little peice of me to enjoy at home. This list changes from time to time. Have a special request not on this list? Send me a gift from my wishlist and persuade me to fulfill your desire.

Kisses - I'll send you a personalized card sealed with a kiss! - $20.00 each

Used lipstick - Buy a tube of lipstick used by me. If you're a sissy or humilation junky, call me once you've received it and I'll tell you how to use it! $25.00 each

My foot print - Adore my fabulous peds and bow before my feet by purchasing my footprint on an 8x10 peice of paper, signed for you to worship. $25.00 each.

Customized sexy T-shirt - Who wouldn't look great with a photo of me plastered accross their chest! Now you can strut your adoration of me with a sexy T-shirt featuring a hot photo of me! All shirts are white cotton, please specify size large or extra large. $45.00 each

Used Sneakers - Love the smell of a woman's sweaty foot? Now you can adore my used sneakers and rub one out while inhaling deeply from my well worn used sneakers. This personal item comes with 3 free minutes of phone time so I can teach you exactly how to worship my dirty old sneakers. And it will only cost you $100 per shoe for the personal experience!

Used high heels - For the high heel fetishist who loves to get down and dirty with a woman's high heeled shoes. I know what you need, and it comes in a size 9! This personal item comes with 3 free minutes of phone time so I can tease and taunt you while you worship my old worn high heels. And it will only cost you $125 per shoe for the personal experience!


Like many of the Charms; I accept cash(American Dollars), or money order made payable to cash. When preapproved by me I may also accept specific gifts from my wishlist(available to guys who spoil me with gifts regularly anyway.), or gift certificates to specific places as payment. Email me with what you'd like, and I'll tell you what I want. Once the item or cash is received, I'll mail the personal item to you. You may send payment to:

PO Box 82526
Columbus, OH 43202

Please be sure to include your name, mailing address, email address, and item you would like as well as sizing (if applicable), with your payment.


Parcel post shipping and handling with the USPS is included in the prices above for packages within the USA. If you are outside of the US, please add $30 for shipping and handling. International packages are shipped global express with the USPS. All packaging is discrete.

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