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Just a little info regarding my sizes, shape and likes.  Thank you for reading.

Measurements: 36D-30-42

Pants:    Size 9

Dress:    Size 8

Tops:     Medium to Large (depending on how tight you want to see it)

Shoes:   5 (6 if pointy toes)

Stockings:   I have thick thighs so I usually purchase a plus size to accommodate for the thighs and the tiny feet at the same time J


I am partial to purple, that is my favorite color and do not like the color pink.  But bright fun colors are so much fun mixed with black or white.

Perfumes are amazing, my favorite is Georgio "Red",  makes me feel like a lady, wearing such a classy scent. 

Body sprays that smell like fruits (coconut/cucumber, pears, peaches, etc.,) are what I wear the most.  The shower gels, lotions and sprays that match in scent are a great treat.  i believe the only body spray that is not a fruit scent is Moonlight Path, what an incredible feeling I get when I wear it.

I do have an amazon wish list that is provided below. So please review and see some of the things that I enjoy.

There is also an amazing jewelry line that I just adore, and I adore it because it is well made but not expensive.  The direct dealer I work with knows that some may contact her asking what is on the list for Ms. Joclyn and until they have their "wishlist" available and running she is more then happy to assist.  Even if you are looking for simple gifts for anyone, I highly recommend you check out this site.

If you have decided to get me a little something or have made me something, and would like to forward it to me, please email me and I will give you a direct address for shipping.

Please know that any and all items that are sent to me are considered the highest compliment and will be received that way and a "thank you" gift will be forwarded back to you as long as there is a return address.


Thank you so much for following me and I look forward to chatting soon!

Ms. Joclyn

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