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Photo Update 1238

Don't Let The Eyeliner And Perfume Fool You......

I Can Go From Makeup To MUD In 2 Seconds Flat! *grin*

Wanna see?

Included in with some of my favorite & very slutty "granny in mud" pics are some all new and just as slutty.....

barefeet, jeans and t-shirt pics!

I saw this t-shirt and had to have it! And I gotta tell ya, when I was at the checkout counter paying for it, the prim and proper older woman who was working as the cashier read the graphics and said something like, "oh isn't that cute?" And I nearly cracked up right there! I mean if SHE ONLY KNEW!!!! LOL My husband and I were both laughing while we were walking out of the store. I mean really.......if she ONLY KNEW...*wink*

That's the real reasonI enjoy a variety of fetishes. And yes, I do enjoy WAM and getting muddy! Covering my big tits with mud, rubbing the wet dirt all over my ass, and over my pussy.......playfully, seductively......knowing that you're becoming turned on watching me ruin my sunday church dress ......your cock becoming engorged while I get even dirtier.........

That turns me on!

Join Me, I update 4 times a week!

New XXX Fetish Videos

Lusty Kisses, Sultry Serena

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