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Hi, I'm Sultry Serena, a horny, mature, honest to goodness "goody two shoes" MILF............... GILF even *grin*

I'm the all grown up,  big boobed, quiet n' shy girl you fantasized about in high school, the bride who truly wore white!  And now I'm the curvy sexpot, woman next door!  The one who enjoys wearing skin tight, revealing outfits........the one who's pussy tingles every time she teases your cock with her all natural 40 DDD tits!  The one who finds her way into your naughtiest of fantasies, and who gets so turned on just by knowing she's making your pants fit funny every time you click through her site!

A virgin when I married,  I've very happily been with my husband for 36 years, and I've ONLY been with my husband. Most would think that I'm still a goody two shoes! *wink*   But you've found my secret, you've stumbled into my playroom.  It's here that I can be the naughty slut with  no inhibitions, pleasing total strangers.  And it's here that I've become the woman with no self doubts about her appearance. And it's only here, that my husband enjoys sharing me.  Sharing my body with you.........

I'm a real housewife.  I'm just not your typical, frumpy, "not tonight, babe, I have a headache" housewife ;) ! My husband and I have discovered the titillating enjoyment of! making porn.  We love experiencing the raw reality and kinkiness of having this site and the feels so good HOT SEX resulting from it, even after being married all these years. ;)

For a good time tonight? .......You're welcome to join me ;)

Hot n' Lusty Kisses, Sultry Serena

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