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Bio Page

A Little Bit About Me

Birthday - August 16th, 1985

Birth Place - Slovakia

Sign - 100% Leo

Height - 5'1"

Weight - around 120 lbs

Measurements - 34d - 26 - 35 (inch)

Hair color - it's changing

Eye color - green

Muff - hmm.. it's ! changing. I can be clean shaven, nicely trimmed, but sometimes I just let my pubes grow wild ;)

Sexual Preference - I luv guys and girls

Current location - Ireland - the Green Island ;)

Marital Status - Very Happily Married to one of ex- Southern Gent ;)

Job - I'm a boss to myself, I run a company and most time I spend on a desk in a office

Hobbies - rock climbing, jogging, walking dogs, swimming, reading, shopping (online), ! cooking, OMG I have so many... I simply enjoy the life :)

Pets- 3 dogs, 2 cats

Clothing size - small/medium

Shoe size - US - 7, Europe - 38

Favorites ===>

Color - black, red, green, pink, blue, purple... damn it! I love them all, lol

Scent - fresh cut grass, warm rain in a sun, sea breeze in the morning...

Food - hmm... tasty *wink*. I like light salads, like fruits, but I wont say NO to a rare or medium steak. And ice cream for a desert. And dark chocolate. There is so many... why to choose one?

Drink - champagne... so dangerous, lol... and whiskey&cola *wink*... about non-alco I love coffee and good earl grey tea, and just pure water with a fresh lemons and grapefruits :)

Perfume - Chanel Chance, Cerruti 1881, YSL Black Opium, The One D&G

Movie - Henr! y and June, Alien (all of them), Kinsey, The Godfather, Avatar... I like time-to-time do nothing, just sit down on a couch and watch some good movie or series.

Book - I'm a bookworm. Simply can't choose one :)

Sport to do - let me think... Sex ;)

Sport to watch - ohh yes Sex too !!

Sexual Position - doggy (sub) and on top (dom), yes, I switch *wink*

Favorite panties type - with pussy fragrance ofc ;) I have so many panties. Simply can't stop myself if I see nice panties. I have to get them!

Favorite bra - do I have to choose one?


Ambition - to be always happy and to make happy people around me :)

Biggest turn-on- honesty, generosity, security, confidence

Biggest turn-off - selfishness, rude people, takers

Biggest weakness - shopping online *wink*