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Well hello there :) Thank you for clicking that little button to bring you over to my wish list page. I am putting up this page because I knew you would be here and I know you want to spoil me with something hehe. Do I accept gifts? The answer is always yes yes yes haha. I love being spoiled.

I love getting surprises in the mail. No one loves getting bills in the mail all the time so getting something from you in the mail will make my day so much better. There is absolutely nothing sexier than a man who knows how to spoil a lady.

I have an Amazon wish list. I am also open to receiving gifts you pick out on your own. Have fun with it. Be creative. If you don't see something on my list that you want me to wear in a photo shoot that you just want to see on my sexy body then by all means let me know or surprise me with it. Depending on what kind of gift you send to me it will be worn or used

in a photo shoot or video.

If you want to send me something and you aren't sure what size I need please email me at

I check my emails several times a day and will always respond to your emails. My amazon wish list is there as a guide. You can order things from there, but I also accept gifts you want to send me too that you would like me to enjoy. I do NOT use or wear any items that are used or not in original packaging or appear to not be new.

I always accept gift cards. I love Amazon egift cards sent to my email address. That way I can save up to enjoy one of my highest rated items off of my list. I am specifically saving up right now for a new laptop because the one I currently have is approx. 10 years old and about to bite the dust lol. It will be used to make my quality of pictures and videos even better and easier for me to do.

I am constantly updating my wish list. I will make sure to delete items that have been bought for me already so no one gets confused wondering if I already have it. I will also take advise on items you like so I can add even more items to my list so you can check it out and pick what you want to see me wear in my next photo shoots.

The link to my Amazon wish list is:


I also would love E-Gift cards to the following:

Prepaid (No registration needed) Visa/Mastercard are awesome as well. As well as paypal moneypak cards.

Panties: 2x or size 11 (depending on manufacturer sizing)

Lingerie: 2x 42D or 22/24W

Bras: 42-44D

Jeans: 22-24W at the moment, but always ask as I may lose or gain weight lol

Shoes/Boots: Size 11 wides and in boots I always need a wide or extra wide calf

Colors: I love black, royal blues, pinks, purples

Perfumes: I love sweet smells. Especially cotton candy scents or sweet scents.

All items you send to me (prepaid cards, cash money, gifts etc) are used for my pictures. Be it jewelry,

clothing, props or something to just make me even more beautiful that I already am hehe.

If you send me a gift from my wish list you will in return receive a FREE yes FREE video or photo set with the item you have sent to me that is if it is something I can wear or use :) If it isn't then I will still send you a video of my choosing as a way to say Thank You for being such a sweet heart...

If you need my address because you are picking up something for me where you live or off of another site then email me for my address. Feel free to send me drawings, tributes and letters (include a self addressed stamped envelope if you want me to write back USA ONLY). Please whatever you do don't send me anything that is dirty. I mean I don't want to receive anything with your bodily fluids, anything from the inside or outside of your body lol, used items like underwear etc.

Thank you for understanding.

XOXO BBW Sapphire