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FAQ Page

These are the questions EVERYONE asks me...

Age?                          If a woman tells her age, she will kiss and tell all !

Why are YOU single?  I am VERY picky, and there are NO men in my town to date!!

Have Kids?                  That's easy, No !

Are your breasts real? Yes, REAL NICE 38FF !

Will you smoke?           No, not for anyone!  Sorry

Have Videos?               Yes! 30 min for $155.00. Money orders only please!

Will You Date Members and Fans?  
I date a members or fans only if I get to know them for a long time and then with a bodyguard. You pay for Everything. I might travel to you or you might travel to me.

Do you answer your own E-mail? 
I answer all mail myself, must likely the same day.

How often do you update the site? 
Once a week, so I can do the best job for my members and fans.  I like to think about  settings, hair, outfits, high heels and of course, how much Candy can you handle !!!

Do You Accept Gifts?  
Yes, you can give them to me. I like to shop at (Frederick's of Hollywood) or just ask me where else I like to buy my outfits!

If you'd like for me to have some play toys, they have to be new, still in the wapper as they came from the store. I'll give you an address to send them to - just email me !!

My Weaknesses         
1 Sexy Man licking and sucking my girl and my sweet ass out!

If you can think of any more please let me know by e-mail !!!

                         KISSES !! XOXOXO ...So Sweet Buxom Candy