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So you wanna know...

1.  Do you do videos?

Of course I do videos.  Check out the Southern Charms Video page.  I try to send in a new video every week.  I have many videos of BJ,  Girl /Girl, Girl/Guy, Work Out, Smoking, and what I do best.

2.  Will you email me if I join your site, even if I don't email you?

No.  I never ever email anyone for any reason unless they email me first.  I respect everyone's privacy.  I do respond to everyone's emails as soon as possible, though. 

3.  Do you respond to all emails?

Yes.  I usually take one or two days out of the week to respond to fans' emails.  Since I have a job outside of Southern Charms, I'm not always able to answer messages the very same day, which is why, I've started devoting several days of the week to answering fan mail all at once.   **Members, however, will always receive first response.**  just an extra little perk of becoming one of my pampered pets

4.  Do you send out free pics, even if I ask very nicely?

As a rule, no I do not.  There are simply too many great photos for you to choose from in the guest section, but the explicit ones are reserved for my privileged members only.  If you'd like to see those, just click on that members' button!

5.  Who is your photographer?

My Hubby! 

6.  Will you send me personal items such as hair, fingernails, etc., in the mail, even if I offer you lots of money?

Nope.  Never.  Please refer to my Panties section.

7.  Do you smoke?

Sometimes and sometimes Cigars.  I will have photo sets of me smoking cigars and putting them in odd places.

8.  Have you ever posed for any magazines?

Not yet but I would love to be in Playboy.

9.  Do you photograph other models?

I have posed with Summer, Buddah, BabyAh, Heavenly Heather, Afton, Lizz, Leia and Tressa.  The next Florida Bash will definitely provide ample
opportunity for multiple partners posing.  

10.  Why do you pose nude on the net?

I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist.  I enjoy sharing my art with others.  I believe that feminine beauty and sensuality is something that no one should be ashamed of.  It should be celebrated and enjoyed by everyone.  I am, by nature, a very sexual and sensual being and it feels good being comfortable enough with myself to share this. 

11.  Have/will you ever meet any of your fans/members in real life?

So far, I have not.  But, it's a small world so who knows when I might run into someone. 

13.  How do I find out even more about you? 

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email me and I'll happily answer them! 

Thanks for stopping by my site and enjoy!

Many Kisses,