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FAQ Page
Q) What size are your breasts?
A) Up until Feb 2010, a UK size 32HH, from c.2012 after the reconstruction, I'm approximately a 32E

Q) Are they natural?
A) Yes then no.

Q) Reconstruction? Did you have a reduction?
A) Nope, breast cancer. In Feb 2010 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and as a result, underwent a double mastectomy removing 96% of my breast tissue. I went from a 32HH to a 32AAA in 4 and half hours of surgery then over the coming years I underwent breast reconstruction.

Q) So why are you approximately a 32E now?
A) After the mastectomy I was essentially left with skin covering my ribs with no squishy breast tissue left. During the reconstruction a saline expander bag was placed under my chest muscle and gradually expanded to about as large as can be done under this procedure, which is the size you see now. A year later, the saline expander implants were swapped out for silicone implants. I say approximately as the silicone has none of the squishy breast tissue that a breast augmentation operation would have, and so my new boobs don't sit quite as well as natural boobs do any more, so getting a bra to fit well is a time consuming shop. On the plus point though, I don't really need to wear a bra any more.

Q) Are you still aroused by having your boobs played with though?
A) Not really as I have very little sensitivity there now due to all the nerve ending damage to the breast area from the surgery.

Q) Do your nipples not get hard then?
A) What nipples? 96% of breast tissue removal remember. That included the nipples. The ones you see now are tattoos.

Q) Tattoo's? Really?
A) Yep.

Q) So do they feel like real boobs now?
A) Not really, but they fool the majority of lovers. :-)

Q) Are you really bisexual?
A) Yes.

Q) Do you do requests?
A) I like to think I can. I do have limits (like everyone) but hopefully I can fulfil my site members wishes.

Q) Do you meet up with people?
A) Yes. I meet up with some of my (UK) members for photo shoots as it makes the pics a little different. Also, if you've an interesting shoot location to offer and would rather just watch the shoot then join in, then I'm cool with that too.

Q) Why do you post your pictures?
A) Believe it or not, I really do enjoy it and it's a cracking hobby. Also if you point a camera at me I don't shy away.

Q) How hard are your pics in the members area?
A) Very. I get up to all sorts of hard core action that would be banned if I tried to post it in the preview area!