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FAQ Page

I will update this as needed:)

1.Are you a milf for real? yes I have 4 children and they call me momma,mommy
and my fav mooooom!

2.Will you fufill my fantasy? I will try , I really want to know my fans it helps me make
a better page!

3.Can we chat? I will chat IF I have the time, I love to hear your stories and compliments:)

4. Can we meet? I kinda doubt it , but you never know!

5. Am I married? No divorced x2 and have a live in lover:)

6. Are you really a farmer? yes i have 2 goats, a sow , 6 chickens , 3 bunnies,
and a garden:)

7.Do you enjoy masterbation? yes very much so it is the extreme release for me to rub
one out:)
8.Are you a comedian? I can be I love to be sexy and silly, I know odd combo..oh well!

9.Why do I have an SC site? To show my artsy side, to make extra income,
and to be worshipped loved and adored!

10.Will you have anything extra available to buy? Yes I will, maybe some stories I have
written or a pair of panties, maybe even a sketch or two!