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FAQ Page
Q: What kind of car do you drive? I believe the type of car someone drives says a lot about who they are.

A: You're right in my case. I drive a Prius. (wish they brought the EV1 back!) And am lucky to be able to walk just about everywhere I need to go durring the day. I'm an earthy vegitarian environmentalist housewife with artistic flare. I recycle, use reclaimed materials in my artwork, love gardening, cooking, quilting, knitting, crafts, and coming up with new RAW and living food recipies. I exercise regularly, use herbs and diet to stay healthy, and even make my own natural house cleaners and soaps for sensetive skin.

Q: Why do I have to sign up with NiteFlirt to call you?

A: Nite Flirt is an annonymous third party phone connection service that I use. Neither you nor I receive any personal information about each other. They bill discretely and use an 800 number to connect us together. Registration is free, and on top of that, new members to NF get 3 free minutes to try the service. I've been using them for a while, and feel confident with their service. If you're already registered you can call me by clicking here. If you click to call and are not registered, you will be asked to register.

Q: Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars?

A: No. Only herbs.

Q: Are you tickelish?

A: Yes! I am extremely sensitive in some of my erogenous zones. Namely my feet, navel, back and armpit. After a few orgasms my love button gets a bit ticklish. (Giggling)

Q: Do you wear pantyhose in real life?

A: I wear tights and stockings more than pantyhose. When I do wear pantyhose, or tights it's usually cold outside, and I love the way the hose press against my pussy. I wear pantyhose out of season only for fetish scenes. I like the way the nylon pantyhose feels. Especially crotchless ones so guys can please my plump pussy orally and fuck me without taking them off.

Q: Do you show your feet naked?

A: Of course I do. I have very long slender feet and toes that I love to tease you with. In my members side you'll see extreme close-ups of my naked feet. Foot worship is a form of foreplay to me. And I've been a strict foot Mistress for years. Spoil me rotten, and you may get the opportunity to serve in person.

Q: Are balloons fun for me?

A: Playing with balloons IS fun for me. I love latex and the hugable squishiness of balloons. I love the way they bounce and how light they are in the air when playing with them. Plus I never know when they're going to pop, which makes it exciting.

Q: How long have you been married?

A: Three years now, and loving every minute of it!

Q: Does your husband know you do this?

A: Of course he does! We also swing together. He knows I like more than one man at a time. And we are both uninhibited when it comes to nudity, and sexual fantasies.

Q: Have you ever been with another woman?

A: Yes. I've been with many women. Mostly in group scenes, because I really enjoy men more. Men have the warm package I want, that a strap-on cannot replicate. (Trust me, I've tried)

Q: Do you enjoy bondage?

A: I play the Dominant in a bondage scene. And enjoy the art of tying and teasing my subs.

Q: Do you spank or like being spanked?

A: I do not like being spanked. But I do like my bum to be spread, grabbed, licked and kissed durring intercourse or foreplay. I also get into face sitting and smothering. When I'm with someone who likes to be spanked, I love to oblige. They get so excited with a nice red bottum.

Q: If I request a general theme for your gallery that would not cost you anything to make, would you take it into consideration?

A: I take all photo requests, that are not outside of my limits, into consideration. And would hope that if you see an update with you in mind, you will send me a gift as a gesture of thanks. If you make me happy, I'll make you very happy!

Q: If I bought some high heels for you, would you wear them in an update?

A: As long as they fit. I love high heels and appreciate any contribution to my collection. I wear a size 9 and have many pairs that would coordinate with outfits I own, on my wishlist.