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I am receiving a TON of email from my awesome J.J. members!  LOVE it!

Here's some questions I am asked often:

Are you happily married? 

YES, my husband has been a wonderful man to me for more than 25 years! 

He's the main reason I am so sexual!!!  THANKS to him for bringing out ALL the wild sides of me!

Do you meet your members? 

No, not yet at least

 I MAY consider such, and if that ! is something I do decide,

it would most likely be to have you join me in a SC photo shoot.  (Men or Bi women)

I am interested in doing some photo shoots with some of the SC babes!  EMAIL me hotties!

Will you do custom photos or video?

ABSOLUTELY, just email me so we can discuss details and we'll work it out from there. 

I ALSO accept lingerie, sexy shoes and hot outfits to dress as you'd like me to in the photos or video.   

Who is your lucky photographer? 

Well, I have 2-! 3 actually.  My number 1, LUCKY guy, is my husband - he's! been do ing photos & video of me for 20+ years! 

And, I have 1-2 pro photographers I use once in awhile.

Why did you decide to become a Southern Charm?

 I had been posting on a few sites the past year, mostly contests, and I was frustrated with many aspects. 

Someone recommended SC to me, and my husband & I looked over all the wonderful aspects of SC.   

Since he does SO much photography of me, we decided the freedom of SC was the best fit for us! 

I LOVE posing, and playing, etc.  ;  ) 

I am on another famous site too, email me if you want to know...

Do you enjoy anal sex?

Another, ABSOLUTELY!!! 

You'll see me using toys for such a lot in my updates, BUTT (pun intended),  I LOVE the real thing too...keep watching for photos of such. 

 I love DP very much so too!

Are you a bi fem?

YES, but very picky, and seldom have the chance to meet a sincere, bi fem I like. 

 I have my eye on a few SC babes here, and ho! pe to me et them for some sizzling photo shoots! 

I've found that many bi fems are much too passive. 

I want ones that are as sexy as me, and know how to "do the work" with a bi fem, not just receive all the attention.

Are you a swinger?

Not really any more.  It's been years since my husband & I did the couples thing. 

It was always too difficult to have all 4 of us mutually on the same page, and the clubs were much too cliquish for us.

I've enjoyed a few fmf things too, but the female has to be very bi, and into ! both of us.  

I prefer mfm the past few years, and you'll see proof of such eventually here at SC!