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June 2014

Hey everyone! Glad to be back and updating again! 

I finally did have my baby boy in October and now 8 months later Im ready to get back in action!

I promise everything is still the same! Except I did recently cut my hair shorter for summer.

I hope everyone enjoys the new background for my site!

I did end up getting put out of my house and we are staying with my son's father's parents house until we can save up enough to get our own place.

Its rough but I still manage to get my sexual creativity out, an! d im very grateful for all they have done for me and my son. 

I love being on Southern-Charms, I cant explain how much joy it brings me to be back and updating again. 

I just didn't have enough energy or time to when my baby was just born, I was planning to, but things changed and it was hard on my body.

Even towards the end of my pregnancy was rough and I don't think I could have updated if I wanted to.

That's another reason why I cherish each and every member I have because being a stay at home mom isn't easy and I don't have a choice, 

Being on southern-charms allows me to still earn an income for my family and love what I do at the same time! So wonderful.

I will be updating m! y NEWS p age probably once or twice a month depending on whats going down.

I have to keep up regular on my Southern-Charms page because now im so excited that I have time, internet and my camera to get dirty with you :)

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