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I have been getting so many lovely emails and I always love to hear from fans but here are a few answers to some frequently asked questions ;

Where do you live?

I live in England, United Kingdom, in a small village in the beautiful countryside where I walk my dog every day and really am surrounded by fields full of sheep (just like the movies!!!)

D! o I really have an English accent?

Yes I REALLY do!!! I am proper posh totty and sound just like those ladies off the TV. If you ever choose to cam or do phone chat with me (details on my links page) you will find this out. But I can talk very dirty ! when I want to ;)

Are you horny all the time?

Kitty is always frisky and flirty and is never far away from being a very naughty pussy cat indeed!

Am I bisexual?

Yes, I am. I have had some very lovely experiences with sexy ladies and get a lot of lovely fan mail fro! m gorgeous girls. I may even upload some naughty girl on girl&! nbsp;vid eosin the future if I got the opportunity... (now there's a thought...)

Do I like younger guys?

Definitely, although to be honest, it is not so much the age as the attitude, sense of humour and intelligence that turns me on more than anything.

Do I sell my clothing and photos?

Yes. You can either email me directly or see my sales section on Adultworks (my camming site) via the links page.

Do I have a Twitter account?

Yes you can follow me on all updates and my other daily comings and goings.

Can you send me gifts?

Due to me being in England I use an Amazon wishlist

My mail box address is

Postal | Correspondence Address (mail and letter items only)
Unit 16412, PO Box 15113, Birmingham, B2 2NJ, UK

Parcel | Courier Point Address (parcel and courier delivery only)
Unit 016412, Courier Point, 13 Freeland Park, Wareham Road, Poole, Dorset, BH16 6FH, UK

United Kingdom

I am always happy to wear an item you send for shoots for my members.

Please remember if you send me gifts to pop in your email address so I can say THANK YOU!!! I love good manners and I really appreciate that you take the time to send me lovely things so it is only fair that I get to say thank you xx

Do you REALLY answer you own emails?

I REALLY do!!!!! Although I will always give my membe! rs priority and I will not answer rude or obviously spammed emails, nor ones with links or attachments (for obvious reasons).

Do you do custom photos and videos?

This is the bit I LOVE! Please check out my video page ! for more details. Prices start from around $50 for ashort solo clip.

These videos are exclusive to you and you can be as specific as you want.

Do you have a favourite fantasy? Milf? Dress up? Cooking? Me saying your name? Solo? Girl on Girl? You name it...I can probably do it ... the only thing I won't do is anal (so please don't ask).

I can source just about anything and anyone and have at my disposal a huge range of people that can help, so if in doubt please ask.

Custom photo sets start at $50 for 50 shots sent as a zip file exclusive to you.

What is your favourite sex position?

I lovemissionary... being taken by a strong man, very muscular, who has me wrapped in his arms and kissing me while he is deep inside... yummy....

secondfavourite.... me on top while my boobs are being played with!

Most sensitive part of my body?

Left nipple by far!

Fuck buddy?

Hmmm several.... but that would be telling.. a lady has to have a few secrets doesn't she?!


Tea.! Yes. Really.


Walking my dog. Drinking tea. Gym. Photography. Sex. Movies.

Any more you can think of to add to the list? Drop me a line..... bye for now xxx