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If I missed anything you are curious about, send me an email on

Q -  How did you end up in Dallas, Texas?  I moved here after my dad retired from the Air Force and went back to Florida to retire.
A - I was raised as an Air Force kid so we lived all over the United States.  I moved to Texas after after my father decided to retire and go back to Florida.

Q - What is your profession?
A - I am a certified medical assistant, a phlebotomist and working as an office manager, model and entertainer in many venues. 

I have been in a few amateur films, featured in various naughty picture sets and various marketing venues.  I enjoy the "adult" world and love being sensual and sexy. I adore being in front of a camera!  

Q - Are you single?

A - No, I am married and enjoy the lifestyle at times.

Q - Are your Breasts real?
- Yes they are real.  The important thing is that you ENJOY them in my pictures.

Q - What is your favorite position for intercourse?

A - I like it all and all the time.   Oh YEAH!! 

Well, I like to START with the missionary position (especially with a new partner) even though it sounds old fashioned. I justLOVE to have a man look at me before he penetrates me deeply and slowly with his beautiful penis. It is so intimate, and that is what intercourse is about. Of course, after that, just about any position we can think of will be fine by me! :-)

Q - Do you enjoy giving blowjobs?  Do you deepthroat, and do you spit or swallow?

A - Yes, I adore it, it is an integral part of the sexual encounter for me, or an activity which can also be enjoyed a la carte, lol!   To me, the bj is a chance to Adore the Penis through touch and taste, so my bjs! have many elements, including, but certainly not limited to, deepthroat. My partners rave on my bjs, I like to pretend that I am eating my favorite ice cream cone Oh yummy yummy.

Q - Do you like to masturbate?  If so how, and how often?
A - Yes I masturbate every chance i get!  I love to masturbate with my toys and sometimes just my fingers.   hmmm...its feels so amazing... and I love to fantasize while masturbating. I also like my "toys", my dildos, slowly sliding them in and out of my vagina and my clitoral vibrators that can send me to outer space! Using the two types of toys at once is amazing! 

Q -  Do you really like young men? Only young men?
A - I think men of all ages bring something to the table, truly. I LOVE young men, I adore their energy, stamina and big beautiful stiff cocks! I love men of ALL ages. I have had partners ranging from the age of 24 to 70!!To me to be a Cougar means to be a mature sexy woman who is empowered by sharing my beautiful body through various media and in person - in short,  a woman who may choose a partner of anyage. 

- Are you bisexual?
A -  As for me, yes, I am often attracted to women so I guess you would call me bi-curious, although I will never give up penises! 

Q - How can we find out more about you?
A - Send me an email at, feel ask me anything!  Be sure to check out my new ventures coming soon on Cougar Lexi at cougardreamz.  I will keep you posted on my arrival and new ventures.  COMING SOON.

  I do my best to answer ALL emails and instant messages.

 I can't wait to get to know YOU better. 
LexiJames AKA Cougar Lexi