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1-Why did you become a Southern Charm? where you live?

I have long seen the web and the way it works. I saw the large number of women who showed their charms and I recently decided to take that step. I like to exhibit myself.
I live in southern Europe, next to the Mediterranean.

2-You are married and what does your husband think that it is a Southern Charm?

My husband likes to see how I exhibit myself. He is the one who does the photo and video reports for me. We have worked a lot together. You will meet him in a photo or video session.

3-Do you respond to email? Do you chat with members?

And it is. I always respond to emails sent to me by my followers. We can also chat at some point.

4- Are you swingers? He likes women?
Yes to both questions. We have been a swinger couple for many years. And I love women. I really enjoy my friends. You will see me with some in a photo or video report.

5-Do you take custom photos and v! ideos? Do you accept suggestions from your followers?

Yes. I make custom videos and photos. She sends me an email and they tell me what they want to see, and we deal with it.
Of course suggestions are welcome. Those that you can take to practice will be done without problem.

6-Do you meet fan members?
If you want to contact for a meeting you have to send me an email and we will talk about the conditions, but I would love to meet my followers.

7-What fetishes do you have?
I am very fetishist of some things. I really like leather, but my favorite fetish is a woman's pretty feet. I like to play with the feet of a friend and that she plays with mine.

8-Do you like to go naked? Do you like sports?
I like both things. I am a nudist and whenever I can I visit beaches, camping sites, outdoor places where I can be naked.
And sport for me is very important. I usually run, do weights, and box. You need to stay in shape.