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Q. Are you married and if so how long?
A. Yes I am. My husband and I have been married for almost 30 years.

Q. What got you started in this?
A. My husband and I have been swinging for about 27 years. Funny story, he asked me to start swinging when I was 9 months pregnant. Word of advice fellas, that is not a good time to ask your wife if she wants to swing! Anyway, we started swinging with couples and enjoyed it but over time we found we were swinging more and more with just men. After talking about it we found that his interest was in Me and watching me perform with and for him. Since then he has amassed thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos of me. Recently we have been wanting to share our lifestyle with anyone who was interested. My husband has always liked to show me off to others and most impor! tantly it is a Huge turn on for me to know guys are looking at my pics and videos and getting turned on.

Q. So is your husband a cuckold or are you a slut?
A. This is where it gets fun. He is by definition a cuckold because he likes to watch me fucking other men. He loves to clean me up no matter how many men have used me and dumped their load on or in me but he is not bi or gay. It is simply something we do that we share together. He is Not a sissy. He is not under my control. There has been more than one guy who has had to leave sorely disappointed because he didn't understand what we were all about. He is in control of me and whatever situation we are in sexually. I perform for him. I am his slut. I have been his slut and personal porn star since we first started. No matter who I am fucking, I am performing for him. He honestly believes I am the most beautiful and sexy woman in the world. I DO NOT and WILL! NOT meet and fuck someone behind his back. I am HIS slut! And! I like it like that!

Q. What are the things you do?
A. Ok. I like oral, vaginal, anal. I like to be double penetrated and I like to be airtight. I like rimming and being rimmed. I like being blindfolded and mild bondage. I enjoy modeling and being photographed. I like toys, kissing, public exhibitionism and flashing. I love to do multiple guys. I have done 3 gang bangs. I first did a 5 man gang bang then did a 7 man gang bang and my last one was 13 men. I really am a slut because after each of these, after every man had come at least twice (some three or four times) I was still looking for more. I get so turned on being passed from man to man that I stayed wet from start to finish, never had to use lube once. I like creampies and deep throating. I LOVE LOVE LOVE BBC. A couple of fantasies I have are to do some bukkake videos. I love to be cummed on but have never been completely covered. I want to be! I also want to ! pull a train where I just do one man after another to see how many I can do. I have another fantasy where I am taken by a soldier to his barracks and I get fucked by them all for the whole night. I would like to do a sports team.

Q. What is the most guys you have fucked at one time?
A. 13. But each of them came at least twice so would that be 26? Then hubby did me so would that equal 27?

Q. Are you Bi?
A. I can be. It is not a strong urge, but there are times that I will see a woman and very much want to be with her. I have had several swinging relationships with women and enjoyed them all. I have seen several women on Southern Charms that I would love to be with.

Q. What is your Bra and Pantie size?
A. I wear a size 38C bra and I wear a size Medium panties from Victoria's Secre! t. Fellas my husband says that Victoria's Secret is the real H! appiest Place On Earth; not Disney world. If you guys are married take your wives and if your single take a date.

Q. Do you meet with members?
A. I have not yet but it is in the works. If any of you are interested and willing to be photographed and videoed for this site then shoot me an e-mail and lets see what happens.

Q. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
A. OH YEAH! I have 4 piercings. Each nipple and two on my pussy. I am planning to get three more on my pussy. I have one tattoo. It is on my lower back. It has some scroll work and the words "Davids Slut". Told you I was his slut and I wear those words on my back every day. Every time some big black cock is pounding me from behind he can look down at my beautiful ass and see that even though he might get to use it occasionally, it belongs to David. Every time I bend over and my shirt comes up I kn! ow that everyone behind me can read it. Every time I wear a bathing suit, it is on display for all to see. Every time I see a Doctor, there is no doubt in any ones mind who I belong to or what I am. That turns me on! I have plans for more tattoos also. I want a Queen of Spades tattoo but have not decided where yet. I also have plans for some other more artsy tattoos.