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Some of your questions and my answers - but if you miss something please write me.

Q: Wen did you start at Southern-Charms?

A: Huh ... i believe it was in spring 2004.

Q: Where do you live?

A: I live in Berlin - Germany.

Q: Are you ticklish, if so, where?

A: Yes I am! On my feet and my upper thighs.

Q: Can I order any private shoots or videos?

A: so if you can't get enough of me? Why not? 

Mail me your ideas and I'll think about it

Q: Are you bisexual?

A: No, never. It's against my nature.

Q: What's your favourite position?

A: I love it if you take me from behind, but you should come in my mouth.

Q: Do you like oral or anal?

A: Oral is great .. but no anal, please!

Q: Do you use toys to masturbate?

A: If my boyfriend is too far away i do it with my fingers.

Q: How often do you update?

A: Update time is 1-2 times a week - mostly monday and friday.

Q: What type of pics will I see here?

A: number one are pantyhose, nylons, stockings, heels, feet and softcore nudity! 

Q: Are you a real smoker?

A: Of course I'm a smoker! But at time i only smoke 2 cigarettes at day!

I only smoke cigarettes - no cigar!

I have started smoking with 17 and my first cigarette was Marlboro!

Q: Do you accept gifts?

A: YES, I love gifts - you can send all what you would like to see on me!

My favourite gifts are "Nylons in all colors" if you want to make me very lucky!

Q: Do you have any scars?

A: For all surgeons - I have no scars - may be you have seen a shadow!

Q: Why do you have so much tattoos?

A: I really like them because i think it's some artwork on me.