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How often do you update?

I try to update every day, either a regular issue or a bonus set for my members.

How did you become a dominatrix?

Good question! About 10 years ago, I met a real life partner who was a masochist. I learned a lot from him then other dominatrixes started offering me opportunities to work with them. I have a full-time “vanilla job” but have worked as a dominatrix on the side ever since.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done as a dominatrix?

Too many to say, but I do a lot of anal play, role-play, golden showers, cock-ball torture, cross-dressing, etc. If it’s safe and consensual, it’s fine.

Do you like regular sex too?

Hell, yes! I love being a dominatrix, My clients have deep needs for something kinky and I find it satisfying to give them the experiences they crave. It’s like being in the business of fulfilling fantasies and making dreams come true.

But what excites me personally are romantic experiences. A soft caress on my body, deep kissing, a hand between my thighs….I love romance.

What’s your favorite sexual position?

I love oral, both giving and receiving. I’m told I give great blow jobs but it’s like a good appetizer, it’s delicious and makes me want more, but it’s not the main event. The best position is cowgirl or straddling. I can adjust my body to get that cock at just the right angle for a G-spot orgasm while simultaneously rubbing my clit against his pelvis for a clitoral orgasm. It’s like a sexual explosion!

Have you ever been with a woman?

Sure! Women are soft and pretty and a good tongue is a good tongue, who cares about the gender? I also really enjoy tribbing.

What turns you on the most in bed?

An erotic massage, caressing inside my thighs, until the anticipation of touching my pussy is too much to bear. Make me wait, make me s! uffer, make me beg!

Have you had sex with two men at the same time?

Yes, in terms of being in the same room and the same bed, but never really two men inside me at the same time. I hope soon!

What is your secret fantasy?

An amazing orgasm in a new way with a new man. What else is there? Maybe it’s you?