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FAQ Page

Hi there!  You have a LOT of questions and I enjoy your e.mail!  It really is such a kick to have the site, so welcome, learn a bit about me, and then become a member to enjoy your club.  I have worked hard to present my best ... and frankly I'm a little astonished to be here!  Not long ago I'd have a giggle over the notion of "me"  "doing this" "here"... and now I can't wait to share each update with you!  Go figure!

I love hearing from you, and yes I do like pictures of my members - some of you have actually send pictures showing your faces which I like almost as much as pictures of ... errr.. your other stuff!  LOl!  And I love knowing my pictures have an effect upon my members- who are the coolest by the way! 

Q:  What is your favorite kind of sex? 

A:  All of it!  While I have always been a sexual creature I have learned so much in the past few years about how to please a man, blow jobs (yes- I swallow!) about anal and how to make myself feel OH SO GOOD!  I am happier and hornier now that ever, and I wake up each day ready for more sex-capades!

Q:  Do you have hard core?

A:  Yes!  ... I've got woman- on- top, doggy style, standing & bent over with swinging boobies, so much more in pictures and video.

Q:  Are you smooth shaven or have a hairy pussy?

A:  both!  You'll see a silky auburn bush for part of the year, and a smooth cunt (with rather long lips!) the rest of the time!

Q:  Why are you doing this?

A:  If you have to ask that question, YOU ARE NOT PAYING ATTENTION!  lol!  Look at the photos, can you tell ...I am having the time of my life?!  It's about savoring sexuality, so let's put the fun back into our time together!

Q:  Do you meet or shoot with members and fans?

A:  Actually the answer on this has changed, lol!  I have had several updates done by a member and it was an exceptional experience!   

Q:  Who answers your mail?

A:   I do, and you will know from the first that it's really me...  I love mail and I genuinely enjoy getting to know my members. 

Q:  I want to send you something.  May I?

A:  That is so thoughtful!  I was reluctant to post a "Wishlist" but members convinced me... well OK they BUGGED the CRAP out of me about this... and the result is a lot of what you see me taking off...  LOL!  Thanks guys, you are the BEST! 

Q:  Didn't you have a web site before?

A:  Yes I did, and some of you tickled me with your response to my return some four years ago.  I closed the first one to deal with some real life issues and now having done that, I'm happily back to being naughty and full of mischief!

I can say without a doubt  I will not relinquish my right to legally express myself this time!  Others may have a problem with that but I will no longer answer for THEIR hang-ups!  Sex is wonderful and natural! 

Will I be re-discovered by those that recognize me?  Definitely.  They are welcome to enjoy my images in the joyful nature it is offered or keep surfing.  I answered hard questions with gentle answers before and this is MY time. 

Q:  I may be joining, can I have some free samples?

A:  Sure you can.  There are at least 45 of them at any given time on the Photo Page.  You can tell from my text what's on the club side.  I DO get naked, I DO show everything, and I DO have excellent explicit shots that the members really love!  Especially the dangling labia shots!!  * wink *

Q:  What's your favorite fantasy?

A:  Oh wow!  I could write a book on this one!  I spill the beans on LOTS Of fantasies on the club side so I'll just give you one here.   I've already told him so he knows that I want to have sex while surfing other porn sites... I think that is just SO hot! 

Now that you know more about me, join and let me know about YOU! 

Ohhhh Alex!   XXX