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FAQ Page

Q:  Who is your photographer?

A:  My husband takes all of my photos.


Q:  Do you do custom "FETISH" videos?

A:  Yes, I do all fetishes so send me a message for a quote.


Q:  Do you take requests for your photo shoots?

A: I do not, only custom shoots at the moment.


Q: How often do you update your page?

A: Twice a week unless I am traveling.


Q: Where are you from?

A: I was born in Texas and raised on West Coast and now I live in Vegas but my parents are from Mexico so you can say I am Mexican.


Q; What's was your occupation before porn?

A: I used to teach high-school.


Q:How would you describe your sex life?

A: It's the best, my husband and I have great sex and my husband lets me do anything I want, I am a HotWife so my sex life has never been better. 



Q: How long have you enjoyed taking nude pictures?

A: I started before I was married and long before I had a website!


Q: How long have you been married?

A. Since 2008.


Q: Are you bisexual?

A: Nope.


Q:Have you ever done a gangbang? 

A: Nope! But I do have a fantasy of one.


Q: Does size make a difference to you?

A: I don't like extremely huge cocks they have to be the perfect size and I love them nice and thick!


Q: How do you really dress when you go out to the clubs, bars, lounges etc?!

A: REVEALING, many of the photo shoots I have done with mini dresses were actually shot before I headed out for the night.


Q: What is your favorite sexual position?

A: Doggy style and to get on top of a nice hard cock and bounce on it with my big brown ass.


Q: What's your favorite fetish?

A: Dominating Betas.


Q: What's the kinkiest thing you've tried?

A: Kicking a guy in the balls 30 times.


Q: How often do you have sex?

A: I am on a HotWife, I can't have enough sex! I love to have sex in the morning, sometimes I have sex once a day and other times it's as many times as I can a day!


Q: Are you a dominant or submissive lady?

A: Dominant AF unless you have abs and a big dick, then I will be your submissive in the bedroom.


Q: Do you prefer to give or receive oral sex?

A: I love to give head, I absolutely love it.


Q: Do you like to swallow?

A: I do, take a look at my videos and pictures if you don't believe me.


Q: Have you ever had a cream pie?

A: Of course I have, once again take a look at my updates for proof.


Q: What's your biggest fantasy?

A: WOW! This one would take too long to write, you're going to have to call me to find this one out.