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Q) Why are you on Southern Charms?

A) My husband and I used to only take photos for our private collection. Now I've discovered what fun (and what a turn-on) it is to share them with you - especially fulfilling your requests!

Q) How did you discover you were bi and that you wanted to enjoy the wilder side of life in the lifestyle?

A) I was raised in the 60's, was a teenager in the 70's and a young adult in the 80's when there was more sexual freedom (after I broke loose of my strict but loving upbringing). I wasn't looking for a ring on my finger; I wanted to explore all that life had to offer. I met a wonderful man (my husband) on my only blind date after several years of serial dating, which included varied sexual encounters. I was unsure if I could live monogamously and he had married young so had limited sexual experiences. We chose to explore the lifestyle together, for very different individual reasons - but we have enjoyed nearly every moment of it! I soon realized that most lifestyle ladies were bi - but didn't think it applied to me. Then my husband noticed that I looked at women differently - I would really take them in from head to toe. I wasn't so intrigued with their hairstyle, make-up, clothing or shoes but the shape of their body. I then realized how intrigued I was by women!! ! Did I mention I grew up with 4 brothers with 6 boys next-door? So men weren't much of a mystery to me but women truly were....a mystery I wanted to explore! My husband set me up with a bi lady from a swinger's club and history was written. Hence, my favorite many men, so many women, so little time.

Q) What may your Members expect to enjoy if they join?

A) The wildest, naughtiest side of me in full exposure as I share EVERYTHING with my Members. And immediate free-access to 60+ MPG's where you can hear AND see me in live action video clips. I only chat with Members plus they get priority treatment with emails and requests. And I LOVE meeting my Members

Q) Do you answer all your own email in person? Do you enjoy it?

A) I will absolutely answer all my own emails, within 48 hours in most cases. You may ask me anything (Members will get much more erotic detail) and you can share anything with me! And some of you send poetry, artwork and very sexy fantasy stories...mmmmm. I get 'wet and willing' just thinking about it.

Q) Will you pose in items you are sent to wear?

A) It is my pleasure to pose in any new items, with the photos dedicated to you! My sizes are: Bra/Corset/Bustier 40D -- Shoes 6 1/2 -- Panties 6 or Medium -- Tops/Lingerie Large -- Skirts/Dresses 12.  Just email me and I'll reply with arrangements.

Q) What is your favorite position? Are your breasts real? What is your wildest sexual experience and what fantasy do you still want to fulfill?

A) Favorite position with a man: doggie, doggie and doggie again. By far, my favorite. position with a woman: anything! Favorite position with a man and woman: I love being hammered doggie style by the man while I lick the sexy lady into oblivion!

My 40D's are very real. They are large, full but soft. And my nipples are outta control - they are ALWAYS hard! I have to be careful what I wear to work or else they poke through my clothes!

I have so many exquisite sexual experiences from which to choose. The first one is cliched but was so fun. JUST last year, I dragged a sexy black man into the ladies' restroom at a regular bar. We enjoyed a quickie in the stall - standing doggie style! Another wild experience when I was younger and dating and had not yet realized that I liked forbidden sex in a public place where we could be discovered.....I was at a frat party with a younger guy. I was a Senior and he was a Freshman (I was and still am SUCH a naughty girl!). We had to crawl through a maze on a second floor then slip down a slide onto the first floor dance area. We got so lustful crawling through the dark maze, with others just behind us. We purposely went the wrong way for a short distance and jumped each others' bones. We could hear the others passing us was wild! Being in the lifestyle with a generous husband, I have fulfilled most fantasies. But being on Southern Char! ms is opening u! p a new world for me, sharing your desires!

Wet & Willing,

Sassy Sara