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A Little Bit About Me...

"Something you should know about your girl Selah Rain"
Began on Southern Charms ~ December 7, 2012

Age ~ 35
Zodiac Sign ~ Sag
Birthday ~ Dec 2
Marital Status ~ Single
Shoe Size ~ 8
Eye Color ~ Blue
Hair Color ~ Blonde
Dress/Jean Size ~ 10
Height ~ 5ft 8in
Measurements ~ 36b-30-44 {Fat Ass}
Panty Size ~ 7 {Want a Pair?}

Turn Offs ~ Bad Hygiene/ Excessive Hair
Weaknesses ~ Sexy Women/Men in Uniform/ Massages
Job ~ Sexual Pleasure and Business Woman
Ambitions ~ To Stimulate People Mind And Body Through My Work
Muff ~ Shaved Nice And Smooth {Cum take a close look}
Sexual Orientation ~ Bisexual {But I need a man to finish the Job!}


Favorite Fragrance ~ Angel from VS, Midnight Pomegranate and Black
Amethyst from Bath and Body, and Chan! el #5 of course ;)
Favorite Indulgence ~ Hot Oil Massage
Favorite Sport ~ Basketball and Football (Can't Make Me Choose ;)
Favorite Cuisine ~ Sushi
Favorite Colors ~  Black, Deep Red, Electric Blue
Favorite Music ~ Variety and Anything I can dance to
Favorite Libation ~ I love Cognacs but Remy (white especially) and
Berry Ciroq mixed is my drink...can also be a beer n whiskey girl..give
me a lil Jim Beam Devils Cut and I'm good ;*
Favorite Sexual Position ~ Luv being dug out from the back

I would like to thank the Southern Charms for providing me with this web space. - Selah Rain