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Hi there, my name is Sharlyn and I'm really happy to be here on Southern Charms

I'm looking forward to getting to know all my members, so please e-mail me at:

Let me know what you think about my pages and tell me what you would like to see. Get your suggestions coming in and I will see what I can do to please you.

Here is a little about me........... ............................................
I was born in the Czech Republic (Then communist Czechoslovakia) in 1982 and grew up in a beautiful small town. I was like 'paradise on Earth' with four proper seasons and I became fascinated by nature.

During my education, I did military training where I gained the ability to look after myself. Nobody messes with me in a night club and I have been known to get thrown out if someone tries!

I enjoy a lot of sports including: cycling, swimming, Pilates, shooting, swimming, skiing, badminton and volleyball. I also love arts.

Unfortunately, this 'ideal' early life became too quiet for my wild explorer mind. After spending some time travelling to different places and doing various jobs, I have ended up living in the UK since 2003.

Back in 2008, I was given the chance to try modelling that I really enjoyed and I'm told that I've taken to being in front of the camera lens really well.!

I hope that you agree and will enjoy viewing my Southe! rn Charm s site for many years to come - I really do want to make it as pleasurable for your viewing as I can!!

Don't forget to write to me to tell me what you want to see.