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Bio Page
My Short Autobiography

Updated April 2008

I'm Danish, born in America, oldest of 5 brothers and sisters.
My parents were extremely conservative and strict. I was born 7 weeks early on January 24, 1947 in San Francisco. I was fearless and determined, a wild tomboy and nothing stopped me.

My parents put me in boys shoes and cut my hair short.
The neighbors thought I was a pretty boy. I remember that afternoon in the backyard sitting on a stool, my father buzzed off all my hair. It was humiliating.

I loved doing anything until I was exhausted.
I would roller skate around the block to test my limits. LOL.

In junior high I want to be a cheerleader.
In high school, I was Pep Girl, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, and Head Varsity Cheerleader.
I thought I was plain looking and did not know how beautiful I was. Not until I was in my late forties did I see my OWN beauty. My high school class mates voted me Junior Prom Queen, Homecoming Queen and Christmas Ball Princess.
Two years ago, I went to my 40Th high class reunion and found out what male classmates had the hots for me in high school. It was very revealing. My Father chased all my boyfriends away and NEVER told me. All that rejection hurt like hell. I thought guys did not like me.

I graduated from college with 2 degrees.
Dance emphasis/ PE Teacher and grade school teacher with honors. One minor in Art.

I'm a Mom who had 7 kids in Utah.

In my mid thirties, I decided to go wild and stop living for other people.
I'm currently writing a book about sex workers on the Net.
I've experienced many ways to express sex. Here are a few of them:
Phone Sex Dominatrix 7 years
Flasher and Entertainer
Adult Movie Producer
Tartaric Instructor
Kinky Phone Sex Girl
Live Sex Cam Performer
Adult Porn Films

My Movie and Mag Credits

Over50 Mag Centerfold cc 50145 V13 N1-Front Cover Model
OVER50 Magazine Back Cover cc 50145 V9V6
50+ Magazine Centerfold "Queen of Freaky Mamas"
Aged to Perfection Actress "Totally Tasteless" #15 #17 #22
Kitty Foxx "Kitty Kapers" #9
Heatwave Over50 Part #3
California Gang Bang 2000-2008
Inzane Productions
Wives Gone Black
Exploited Moms Videos "Zoe Zane takes Black"
Las Vegas Gang Bang GOTI Party
CamZ Live Cam - Over 100 Shows
Sexy Miss Lizz Homemade Videos
Las Vegas Candi Amateur Videos
Kitty Foxx Video Productions

What I love the most:
See's chocolates, dancing, parties, the ocean, vampire and sci-Fi movies.

I'm a freaky, fetish chick and have a wardrobe that is 10,000 miles long. Leather, PVC, rubber, garters and seamed silk stockings, mack rain wear, punk Gothic stuff, lingerie from 1950's like a pin up girl, boots and more boots all the way to the top of my thighs, platforms, spiked heels, open toes shoes, 100's of panties, satin gloves, furs and feathers coats.
You will see me change myself with makeup and wigs.

I have a smoking fetish for men who love women who smoke in their face, etc. Many of my real lifestyle slaves told me everything about women smoking and what it does to them.

Miss Zoe Zane aka Smokerella-Holdera-Cigara

My hobby, I collect vintage martini glasses.

I would like to thank the Southern Charms for providing me with this web space. - Zoe Zane