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Photo Update 493

All Dressed Up

Hey guys! I want to say "thank you" for being so patient with me so far this year. I know my updates having been flowing along as frequently as you'd like, but I've been dealing with a few things and I kind of feel like they're behind me now. So, new update, new attitude! I also want to express my appreciation for the great guys who have stuck by me, and continued to show me they're support and interest...guys like Hoyo who has continued to be my "supplier" for a lot of the really cool pantyhose you see on my site; and my friend Miles who loves a girl in a dress ... and you'll enjoy some of his great taste in upcoming updates. And, of course, all of you great guys who have continued to spend your hard-earned cash on memberships to my site. I've seen some of the previews and I know you're really going to enjoy having me back being a bit more active.




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