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Call Me

Call Me on my private line:

Have you always wanted to talk to me. Hear my voice, ask me questions? Others have and it's been a lot of fun. It's great to learn about you.

You can click the button above and pay by credit card to gain instant access if I'm available when you call. Their cost is $1.99 to $2.99 per minute. And, you don't need to be a member of my site. But, it's hard to get internet access to turn on the service until I get home from work.

An easier way to reach me is on your private line. I carry this phone all the time. You can pay by money order, check or cash. With economic times as they are, for now, it's $1.75 a minute to call me. We can talk for as long or short as you like, set the times that work best for you. I can call you or you can call me.

To use this feature, you must have been a member once, bought at least one video or photo set. This proves your legal age.

This won't be phone sex, per se. However, we can chat about your sexual interests if you like. You will control the call and the content. I'll follow your lead. So, don't be shy, pick up that phone and let's talk about anything that is on your mind today.

Email me ( to start the process. I need to check my records to be sure you are of age. Then, you decide where you want to start as to minutes and send me your payment. All new members will get bonus minutes and good customers will get extra if I don't have to hang up. Enjoying the conversation will make it last longer  : )

Payment can be cash or by money order or check made out to:

Gifts by Aahleandra

And, mailed to:

PO Box 33103

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Using check or money order, you would have a receipt for your payment and I have safe delivery of the funds. If the money order or check is lost, you can get it replaced, etc. Cash cannot be guaranteed.

Once I have your payment, I will email you the phone number and your password. Checks must clear first (allow 10 business days). You will be given a new password to use each time you renew your phone membership. You must have it each time to talk.

The phone number will be changed occasionally. Those who abuse their privileges will be blocked. So, please play fairly.

Sending wet kisses your way (muah)