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Because you Asked

First, I'd like to thank all those who write me all those sweet EMAILS. It feels great each time I receive a new message from you. I have lots going on, But be assured I will write you back soon. I've been receiving a lot of questions since I came back to Southern Charms. And, a lot of you ask the same questions, so hopefully this page will give you some info you have been seeking.

Are you married?

Not yet, could you be the one? I’d love to find a man just like me. One who actually finds it exciting that his woman is on Southern Charms.

What’s the best way to contact you?


My post office box:

Charming Gifts from Aahleandra

PO Box 33103

Indianapolis, IN 46203

Click my CALL ME button to see if I‘m on line.


My Space Page :

Do you accept gifts?

Now what girl doesn't love gifts. I have a post office box just for you to send me little special things, cards, candy, clothes, shoes, etc. See my WISH LIST page for more info.

Will you meet your fans and members?

It’s very possible. But, I may have a friend with me. Just go to my DRESS ME page for the details.

Is there another way to join the member area besides by credit card?

Yes, to keep your secret, you can also order by MONEY ORDER. Make your money order payable to Photo Exchange BBS. Include my name and site (Aahleandra SC2), your desired use! rname, password and EMAIL address. A confirmation note will be emailed to you.

Send money orders to:

Photo Exchange BBS
P.O. Box 3388
Oxford, Al 36203

Will you send me some free pictures before I join your site?

No, If you like what you see in the Free area, you will be very happy with what is in my MEMBERS AREA. It would not be fair to my paying members to send you free stuff. And Southern Charms verifies that you are of legal age to view sexy pics of me.

Will you let Members know you have updated?

Discretion is important to you and me, so no, I do not EMAIL anyone unless they write to me first. But, I have a GROUP and I change the main picture each time I update. So, you could always join the group to find out what I'm up to. Just send me an EMAIL and I'll send you an invite to join

How often do you update your site?

I try to update every week. Sometimes I can get more done. But, I'll always do 4 sets every month.

What can I expect to see in your members section?

Much more revealing pics, of course, with lots of total nude shots. Many clear, close-ups of what you really want to see. top quality, naughty sex pictures, oral, masturbation, fetish and toy fun, Tits, Ass, kitty, Cum shots. Just to name a few. If you would like to see any others, just EMAIL me. And, don't forget, member's get lots of extras besides all the sexy, nasty pictures of me. You’ll find those links on the MEMBERS side.

Why are you on Southern Charms?

I love to play dress up and I love to show off. I love attention. So, this allows me to fulfill all my fantasies and share them with you. Thus, fulfilling my fetish needs. I also enjoy the money I make for my special things like pedicures, manicures and wax jobs to keep me pretty for you. And, new shoes and costumes can be pretty expensive.

Do you answer your own EMAILS?

Yes, no one knows my mind better than me. So, I’ll always answer my mail personally. I try to answer all my EMAILS daily. But, members are my main priority. Members even have their very own EMAIL address to use and the address can be found on the members pages. Sometimes your EMAIL may get lost and you will need to EMAIL me again. I never ignore an EMAIL if it seems to need a response. Some are just comments to me and I may not answer those. Also, I don't open attachments (too risky). So, those may not get answered but deleted. Sorry.

Does it excite you that so many guys and girls get

turned on by looking at you?

Very much. In fact, during a photo shoot I often get extremely wet thinking about all you naughty guys and girls out there. And, depending on who my photographer is, there may be some play time after a photo shoot. After all, he may be horny too (wink).

Do you plan to do more hardcore or more girl/girl?

Yes. I’d love to meet other sexy ladies for fun photo shoots. And, I will meet fans and members to do more shoots.

Did you make up anything in your Bio? Or, is it all true?

It's all true.

Can I talk to you on the phone?

I have added this to the site. It really won’t be for phone sex, but we can talk about anything you like, even sexual desires. See my CALL ME page. It was accidentally deleted when I asked an old page be deleted. So, it will be added back soon.

Do you do custom videos or picture sets?

Yes, I love getting your ideas and the more who ask for the same things determines what I may post next. just send me an EMAIL and we'll discuss it. Just send me an EMAIL if you want a special set on disc just for you. I will be doing special video requests too.

Do You Do Fetish Sets

Yes I will do most fetish's, don't be shy, ask. I'll consider any request, but personally, I like WAM, foot fetish, stockings, full-cut and bikini panties, pretty lingerie, flashing, smoking and outdoor pics (I love almost getting caught!), and bizarre insertions are being added. Be sure to check out my FETISH PAGE I'll be adding photos of the fetishes I have tried for you.

Will you sell any of your things?

I’ve created a special page that could include anything. But, if what you want is not there, just send me an EMAIL and ask. You never know what I might say and maybe I hadn't even thought about what you wanted. It could be a new idea for me. Click to visit my STORE page.

Do I enjoy Sucking Cock. Do I spit or Swallow?

I love to suck cock!!! But, it's because I get to have my kitty eaten too. It's a true turn on for me to know I gave him such pleasure. Sometimes I even swallow every drop that he shoots in my mouth, unless it's a cum shot just for you.

Do you do Webcam shows?

This is definitely coming soon, working on this now.  One for my bedroom and one for my office to start.  But, my brother has offered to wire most of my house for video feed.... hmmm... that's a thought, don't you think?

Do I like anal sex?

YES! Doing me in the ass gives me an awesome orgasm. But, you have to be slow and gentle until my muscles relax.

Are you ticklish?

Yes I am ticklish. The places that really gets me going are on my feet. I really toss and squirm. It's really hard to sit still for a pedicure (smile).

Have you ever been recognized in public, by someone who saw your SC site?

Yes, a few times! I just smile and say "you caught me!" So far, all of my fans have been very nice. I've gotten nice hugs and compliments. My SC site is not a secret, so if you see me out and about, introduce yourself. Just be aware if I'm with kids, family, or friends, I won't be in the mood for explicit conversation. But "hello" is always appropriate! And, never mention my site at my work.

Are you bisexual?

Yes, I find women very sexy. I love their soft skin and sweet smells. My bisexual side is more complex than my straight side. I never know when an episode will happen. These just happen naturally. If I am attracted to a woman and she seems receptive, I could just kiss her and we’re off. We women just know each other better.

What kind of man do you like?

I like a man who is assertive, confident, and a little bit aggressive in bed. Out of the bedroom, humor, kindness, and courtesy are vital! I have a "thing" for men who treat women the old fashioned way. We are ladies after all. And, we all love to be pampered and loved.

So are you're into BDSM? Are you a dominant or a submissive?

I tend to be submissive with men, and dominant with women, but I gladly switch if the mood is right. I don't do hardcore or extreme BDSM content on my SC site, that is a very private part of my Self. However I like to throw in some light kink to spice things up! Some kinky themes I'd like to add to my site include: tickling, ropes and cuffs, spanking, hair pulling, face sitting, and more. If you have any requests, EMAIL me. I've even been planning a torture chamber in my basement. You'll be seeing that in some future updates.

Have I missed anything?

Just send me an EMAIL and I'll tell you anything you want to know.

Sending wet kisses your way (muah)