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Q: Do you do custom videos?
A: Yes I do! Go ahead and email me with your idea for a custom video and I will give you a quote. After we agree on a price I will shoot and edit the video and put it on a DVD for you! I have great equipment and everything I do is high quality! Please allow a month or so for me to make and send you the video as I have a busy schedule! I can easiest do solo or boy-girl videos but if you are willing to wait or pay for it I can find or hire a girl to shoot with as well. I also have a special niche for custom videos: Lactating Breasts! SC does not allow that content to be posted at all but I can do it for you only and I also have other places on the internet where you can see my lactating breasts, so just email me about it if you want to find out where.

Q: Can I send you gifts?
A: Of course! I love gifts, it makes me feel very special! I love it so much that I end up treating all my gift givers with special care! So if you want to get more of me, more of my time and feel extra special you can just become a regular sugar daddy and you will see our relationship develop! The best time I ever had as a model on the internet was with a couple members who were sending me a box of gifts every month or two! It felt like xmas every month! Way to please a girl guys! Here is my address... Once you send something you should always email me about it as very often I don't have your email address when I get the box so I have no way of thanking you! :(

AGB Enterprises
PO BOX 48881
Tampa, FL

Q: Do you smoke?
A: No I don't smoke. I have done a few smoking updates in the past and I will post those in my site but at this time I will not be making any more of those updates. So please don't send me any requests for photos or videos of me smoking unless they don't require me to lit up!