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Hello, I am Pocahontas

I expect, since you are here, that you are at least mildly curious about my site.  My husband and I have been on Southern Charms for almost 8 years now.  Hopefully, with your help, I can continue to provide you with what you would like to see.

By way of some general information:
Over 70,000 photos online
52 different women
22 different men
Oral sex
Anal sex
Intercourse (my favorite)
General erotic and exotic behaviour

It has been a great pleasure to get to know some of you and I appreciate the time you take to write me.  Even if you are shy, please feel free to drop me a note as I personally answer all my emails.  Let me know what you are interested in or what you enjoy.  I enjoy the feedback so I can improve my site for your enjoyment.  Those of you who choose to join can literally see tens of thousands of photos, a great value in the annals of amateur erotic exhibitionism. 

I, for one, believe sex is one of the best things in life.  It is one of the primary reasons we are placed on this earth and I am giving it my best effort. 

If you can't giggle, tickle, scream, or laugh
Run around the room naked
Pour liqueur on each other and lick it off
Tie each other down
Have whipped cream fights
Dance and sing with each other
Then you are having sex with the other person too soon.

While sex is primarily a physical activity, I find the mental aspects so much more rewarding.  Anonymous sex is close to masturbation (don't get me wrong, I enjoy masturbation as much as the next woman), but I prefer to know my partners on a more intimate level as the brain is the largest sex organ. 

I hope you will spend a few minutes browsing my site and hopefully there will be something that peaks your interest.  In the event you don't find something here which suits your fancy there are more than 700 other sexy women here on Southern Charms who can offer you some enjoyment.

Thanks for stopping by