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Custom videos are available for $5.00 per minute for standard requests and I will discuss the price for requests that involve more than one person or something that requires a specialized request for costumes or for content that is a little more extreme (within reason).  I ask that you fill out and sign the following a disclaimer acknowledging the fact that I retain all video rights, your request is for your personal use and that you won't re-sell the content. 

I can ship VHS or I can burn to I CD in WMV format (but the quality isn't as good since the PC is constrained by bandwidth on the USB port). 

I can accept checks or money orders or you may contact me regarding other payment methods.




Disclaimer and Order Form

All orders must include a signed disclaimer. Please print and sign the following:


I certify that I am 21 years of age or older, that I am neither a member of law enforcement or a postal inspector, that I am aware that material I am purchasing is sexual in nature, and is not to be viewed by minors, that the materials purchased are to be viewed by me for my own personal use, that I will not show any of the material to children, minors or persons under the age of 21. It is legal in my state/community for me to have this type of material, that none of this material will be duplicated for commercial purposes of any kind, and that none of this material will be distributed for commercial use without permission.



Printed Name:__________________


Return Address:________________________



Email Address:_________________________

Select Format:  WMV____ VHS_____ 

Send to disclaimer with order and payment to:


P.O. Box 296024

Lewisville, TX 75029-6024