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Do you like to go NAKED?

Absolutely! I live in the cuntry outside of Austin, Texas and go naked as often as I can in my home, outside near the pool and hot tub, both porches, traveling on remote Texas beaches, and even do nudists resorts in Texas too. I have been known to even drive naked  (update 582) and play basketball in our driveway naked(update 222) .


Do you have videos on the Southern Charms Video Site?

Yes I do! Over 100 videos for you on my Southern Charms Video page! You will see a wide variety of me there; interracial sex, girl on girl sex, anal sex, anal toying, family nudist mom scenes, nude in public, Orgasma Woman, underwater action, me with a variety of guys one on one from young enough to be my son to old enough to be my dad and everything in between, boxing, water fight, sports, and more!


Do I do oral sex? Of course I do oral sex, men and women both! I believe in a well balanced diet with plenty of protein...and yes I do swallow! Bi the way email me and ask me why 77 is better than 69!


Am I "anal" in nature?

Yes I am, its more fun that way...diversity can be a wonderful thing! I can even orgasm with anal sex not just vaginal sex.


Do you like girls?

No I don't like girls,  I LOVE girls! Been bi my entire sexual life and have spent long periods of times in Lesbian relationships...why limit yourself to half the population! One of my favorite places to dine is at the "Y"


Do you do "custom videos"?

Yes I do, see my Southern Charms "Videos" tab for more details.


Do you ever meet your members in person?

Yes I do meet my members in person, within common sense safety precautions...if you are interested then email me for more details, it is a members only thing though! ...I also do 'custom' photo and video sessions for pay where the customer can even be part of the pics or vids! Again email me for details!


What is your favorite sexual position?

You mean I can only have one?? For girls it is 69, for guys it is on Top, and for gang bang and group sex it is all pink parts and hands occupied!


What are your favorite sports teams?

That would be Longhorns, Spurs, and daddy was a high school coach when I was growing up in South Texas so I grew up around sports and love most of them! One of my younger brothers even got a college scholarship to play sports!


What kind of music do you like?

Anything but Opera! I listen to soft rock, classic rock, cuntry, reggae, jazz, and symphonic band music(have a kid in band) I live just outside of Austin, the self-proclaimed "Live Music Capital of the World" so I am lucky to have some fine music to enjoy close to home!


Where did you grow up at?

I was born near the town of South Padre Island, Texas, USA. I lived there through most of my school years before moving to San Antonio, Texas. After moving away from South Padre Island I returned every summer through college, staying with family friends there and partying on the beaches in the dunes north of South Padre Island almost daily, wearing at most a skimpy bikini when  traditional  adults were there and going topless or naked when around other teens, young adults, or cool older adults!


Am I really a Milf and Cougar or am I just creating an internet image?

I take after my hot  mom who would wear very tight short shorts showing butt cheek and crop top or halter tops all the time in our South Texas home regardless of who was around us at the time. I enjoy thinking that I am a Milf and I'm totally comfortable thinking, and doing, any type of  Milf  actions. Of course that means that I am a Cougar and feel absolutely nothing even remotely wrong with acting out my Milf and Cougar ways....if it feels good do it!!


Are you a swinger or are the texts with the updates just chatter?" Yes I am a swinger, bisexual swinger and I have been since I started dating. I have been to numerous "House Parties" and a club in Austin as well as one in San Antonio. The Austin club called "Friends" died due to Covid, "Swingers" and I think "Eden" a newer club still exist in San Antonio. I also went to a place that was called the "Bermuda Triangle" in San Antonio and it catered to Bi-Women and Lesbian crowd and I did go there solo and without girl dates but guys nope they weren't really welcome there.


"Have you ever been a dancer?" Yes I have been a nude dancer, never really was into just topless, the money and I think more fun is with nude dancing. Was like a 10 minute walk from my home in northwest San Antonio and the place is on Loop 410 between Vance Jackson and IH10, It has changed names many times since the early 1970s when I started hanging out around there and it is now back to being a nude dance club I believe.


"Are you really a third generation nudist? "Yes if you want to know where I typically go it is in my "Links" section under "My nude life" ... was really cool being raised as a nudist and I wouldn't change a second of it!
I also in addition to Hippie Hollow on Lake Travis just minutes west of Austin, I go to a not so legal place to be nude, it is on the Bolivar Peninsula near High Island Texas, accessed from the intersection of state highway 124 & state highway 87 beach side at High Island, just keep heading up the beach from is legal to be topless and thong and that is the most I've worn around there in decades, I usually go naked unless some sensitive groups might be really close then topless thong but when going nude I carry a thong in my hand or worn around my neck, the US Game Wardens do patrol the area after 1 mile from the 124-87 intersection and they will fine you over $500 for nudity so it pays to have your head on a swivel there but it is such a cool open minded place to be outside of that one issue.


If you have any other questions please feel free to email me at the link on my Southern Charms' "email" tab.


Strokes-n-Pokes  oxox Texas Elegance