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I love doing pictures! still ones or moving ones! Anyone wanting a video tape of me, or if it can be arranged, a video of me with other girls or guys, please let me know, any excuse will do for some action for this girl! I charge $3.00 a minute with a minimum of 10 minutes with just me in the video and nothing of sexual nature in it. If it is to have sexual content in it or if I am to perform with others in the video then the price is negotiated with me after I have spoken to my fellow performers. I require a minimum of a 1 month current membership to my Southern Charms site in order for me to produce a video. This requirement is to help insure that the customer's age is verified. I will discount further purchases of videos from me by the customer at the one month memberhip rate to help them out. I also require a copy of a photo id with the customer's street address blackened out but with the town-city still showing so I can make sure the bi! lling location's town-city and the customer's photo id town-city address are the same as well as the age showing to verify legal age. Send the above mentioned items and a printed Release you can find here on my site with cash or money order payment to  "Dana, P. O. Box 340478, Austin , Texas, 78734 ". If sending money order please leave the "Pay to" line blank. I also do  custom photo shoots if you find yourself in the greater Austin-San Antonio area. Thanks again and lets get into some HOT action!



1. I am at least 18-21 years of age, whichever is the legal definition of an adult in my jurisdiction.  The material I am requesting is for my own personal use and will not be viewed by minors or anyone else or for commercial purposes by me. I agree that the material I am requesting is not obscene or offensive to me; that I enjoy reading, listening to and watching sexually explicit material. I am also certifying that the erotic and/or sexually explicit material I am requesting is not illegal or considered obscene in my community.

2. I am not a law enforcement agent of any kind; postal official, prosecuting attorney, another person of similar background or purpose, or anyone acting for or reporting to anyone connected to law enforcement or prosecution and attempting to obtain evidence for the prosecution of any individual/entity or corporation for the purpose of prosecution or entrapment.

3. I understand that this video or other media production I am requesting is protected by copyright laws and that any duplication is unlawful. I agree and understand that I will pay all lawyer fees, detective fees, and  face criminal charges and be sued to the fullest extent of the law if I violate copyright law.

I hereby certify under penalty of perjury that all of the aforementioned is true and correct.  "I understand and agree with the terms of this document and state I am releasing any & all obligation, liability, or responsibility from the model(s), the webmaster, the photographer(s), and all internet service providers from what I choose to do."

Printed full legal name as it appears on photo id ____________________________________

Signature__________________________________ Date____________________________


Ordering Information

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