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Photo Update 1847

Hey YALL CUM IN and see ME hanging out inside the Cougar Corral almost 40 miles west of Austin Texas' airport and 25 or so road miles west of the famous Hippie Hollow Travis County Park on Comanche Trail, Texas' only legal public clothing optional beach, I'm a bit of a lake rat - beach bum as you can prior update #1846 I had come back to my home after a 'dinner business meeting' essentially functioning as a date or partner for dinner and a bit of dancing and games afterwards in a 'get to know the business team' evening much closer than in the office environment for Daddy. Once back here Daddy took pics around the pool and then again when I was in the kitchen getting some snacks and drinks ready, so you know better the story line on updates 1846-1847 and who took the pics! Wanna see more of this 4th generation family nudist mom milf then go over to my Southern Charms Members side and check it all out! I also in social functions and even alone I guess I enjoy being erotic exotic sexual and a flirt and exhibitionist and you can see vids of that over in my over 155 Southern Charms Videos which include me doing any race any age girl or guy, doing myself sometimes with toys sometimes just my hands and fingers, and of course like in these last two updates me enjoying the nip family nudist mom milf lifestyle! Check me out! Strokes-n-pokes oxox TExaselegance

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