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Hi Guys!

I'd like to thank the great folks at Southern Charms for providing this site for me to have fun.

I'm Ms Frolicker. If you're reading this I'm already impressed. I imagine most guys stare at the free photos and move on, but not you, no, you wanted to know more about me. Good for you!

What can I tell you? Well, I live in the southeast, southern born and bred and I'm as patriotic as the day is long. I like the outdoors. I like to camp, canoe, kayak, hike (if it's not too hilly) and skinny dip. I don't like to fish but I'll ride in the boat with my top pulled down and try to bring you good luck.

Why call myself, Ms. Frolicker? Well frolicking is about having fun, sexy fun. Whether I'm cavorting around the campsite without my clothes on or shaking my generous bits on the dance floor I'm all about keeping all things sexual on the fun side. Life is too short to get hung up on sex. God gave us birthday suits; we should wear them as often as possible.

The bottom line is I'm an everyday girl here to personally please you. You know that woman that lives down the street, the one you slow down to look at when she's getting her mail, I could be her. That mom at church two pews in front of you that's getting the evil eye from the old biddies because she's showing too much cleavage, that could be me too.

If you chose to join me on the pay side, I promise to make things fun. I'll take your posing and theme suggestions and make them happen. You want me to write a personal message on my boobs, I'll do it. You want me to walk into a fast food restaurant and order a burger naked? well, I do have to stay out of jail, but hey, maybe I'll go through the late-night drive through with my top off. You want me to make my famous chili wearing pasties, I'm your huckleberry.

The possibilities you and I can come up with are endless. So what are you waiting for, most of my good bits are still waiting to be seen.