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Q: How big are your boobs?

A: The bras that fit me well right now have a couple of different sizes, a couple are 38-F (DDD) and one is a 38-G (DDDD).  Bras are all different. Let's just say they're big!  While we're quoting statistics I'm 5'6".

Q: How old are you?

A: Old enough that I'm not volunteering my age anymore.  Truthfully,  I'm a smidgen over 40 and it's going to stay that way.

Q: How long have you been taking naughty photos?

A: Since 1995, Polaroid's baby - but I was young, see above.

Q: Are you really bi-sexual?

A: Let's say I'm a two margarita bi-sexual.   I love to play with women when I'm feeling good, if you catch my drift.  If someone has their tongue inside me though, I don't care what's between their legs unless its in my face.  Bottom line, I  l! ike sex with women, I love sex with men.


Q: What's your favorite position?

A: I like doggy a lot (what girl doesn't) but I also like reverse cowgirl, so I can easily get my hand down there to rub myself and also that position allows me to set the pace.

Q: Do you swallow?

A: Why lie, I wish I did, but I don't.  I'm working on it.  Getting over my aversion to having a bunch of little things swimming in my stomach is on my bucket list, and my husbands :-)

Q: What kinks do you like?

A:  I like to be bound and I like to be spanked pretty hard as long as you work up to it.  I like anal fingering, toys, and sex.  I like sex with a butt plug and it my ! fantasy to be doubled someday.

Q: What's your favorite color?

A: Red, and if not red black.

Q: Are you a real redhead?

A: No, I was born a blond and my natural color is now a dirty blond.  My natural color takes red dye really well and my skin tone is very fair and freckly so as long as I have a "found in nature" red color on my head everyone thinks it's my real color.  I'v! e been a "redhead" for more years than not.

Q: What has been most surprising thing about joining Southern Charms as a model?

A:  The veritable kaleidoscope of fetish requests has been enlightening.  I've only been at this a little while and I'm pretty sure I ! could write a book about some of the crazy, sexy, things people have asked me to do in pictures and video. 

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: Steak and a baked potato, or if not steak, a great burger and fries.  I'm a simple girl with simple tastes.  My favorite adult beverage is wine, preferable muscadine.