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I love doing custom photos and videos, it's so fun making my fans wishes and fantasies come to life.   If you have any special requests please drop me an email.

How much will it cost?   Well, that depends.  Simple things will be less expensive.   Typical prices for photos sets are a dollar a piece for the first 20 photos and 50 cents apiece after that, with a 30 dollar minimum. I  always throw in a few extra images and the photos will be varied and of high quality delivered via a Dropbox link.    If there are special props or clothes to purchase those will add to the cost depending on if I can use them again after your custom is complete.  If you want me to do nude jumping jacks in a Donkey mask, you're going to have to buy me a Donkey mask.  You want me to wear that sexy outfit I used in update 162 and I can still fit in it LOL, no charge.  Sound Fair?   Custom videos have  a 40 dollar minimum, but I won't give you a pricing schedule, just tell me what you want and I'll give you a quote.

If you want custom stills and don't mind sharing the results with my members, I might just ask you to join my site for a month and then offer the pics as an update.  The same works for video.  If you have a video request, I can shoot your video idea and put it on my video page where you can purchase it for just one dollar a minute.  I will still ask you to join my site for a single month before I shoot it, but you're overall cost will be much cheaper than a true custom.  Of course, all of this is contingent on whether I think someone else might want to see your idea.  Remember that Donkey mask we were just talking about?

For true custom work I can take payment in Amazon gift cards mailed to my email address.  I have to warn you though, I won't work with kangaroos, don't do tightrope walking, and won't get naked if a man named Howard is in the room.  I have limits.  There are a few other things I can't do, and quite a few more things that I won't do, but you don't know until you ask.  I'm willing to bet that I'm kinkier than most of you, so don't be afraid to ask for what your truly want.

I look forward to hearing your naughty ideas.