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Welcum to my Custom Page. This is where you have me the way you want, in what you want. 

I get alot of requests and questons about if I make Custom Movies or Picture Cd's. Heres all the info you need.

Custom Picture Cd's or Zip-files:

There are alot of things I am open to and that wont scare me. I know the current rules of The S-Charms site and respect them. But I know some that are a kinkier nature that want to see a little more. I can help you with that. All you need to do it email me with what you want and I WILL always respond.

I love making Custom Cd's for my vistors and members. I love the fact of thinking of that person while I do them and knowing that they will love the pics. I charge $1.35 a pic and a min of 30 a cd. These pics are only going to be for you and only you. No other sites or eyes. I can send custom email zip-files for the quick fix of me being dirty for you.

Custom Videos:

I just got a camera a few weeks ago. I am now offering Custom Videos of me live for you. Saying what you want, doing what you want. For you and only you. I will make the tape, and send it out as is, totally raw and personal just for you. For a limited time offer I will send away a FREE pair of panties with the video.

I charge 5-7$ a min and the tape has to have at lease 20 mins on it. But depending on content the price might increase.

Custom Items:

I can send out everything from nylons, bras, panties half smoked ciggerettes, used socks ANYTHING. All items can have a CD tossed in the package filled woth pics for you with me and the item. The prices vary with the item or items you want. I have been asked to send alot of  'different' items out so don't be afraid.

IMPORTANT: Because of my views and rights I have made a Disclaimer allowing me to have a piece of mind about the custom stuff I am sending out. I will not change it, or send out anything without having the form sent to me first. I am being professional here and covering my butt incase of anything. I will not be charged by selling to  minors and I will not in years to come see one of the personal tapes I sent out in a video porn store and can not do anything about it. I will also NOT want to find myself on another porn site without MY control. I do not want to ever regret a video I sent out, cause I love doing it so much. Anyone that has a problem with what I ask for is crazy!