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Thank you guy and girls for having an interest in me. I was blown away by the questions I was getting, and also quite turned on! Here are some of a few questions I was asked. Keep the question cuming guys! I love answering them!

Q-Are you ticklish? If so where?

A- Omg, Im ticklish everywhere. I try to hold it in, but I always bust out giggling. From my ears, neck, armpits all the way to my toes.

Q-I just wanted to let you know that I love your pictures, you're very sexy! I was wondering if you like any fun fetishes, like smoking?
A- Thank you for that awsome compliment. Yes of course Im going to be doing some smoking pics. Be sure to keep an eye out for alot of smoking updates. Even cigars *wink*

Q-I just found your website,you are fantastic and made me so hot!Will you be doing any uniform or upskirt pics?
A-Yeppers! I have a few in mind. I love dressing up and playing the role while the pics are being taken. So much fun! Be sure to look out for School girl, Nurse, Secretary, Bond Girl (request) so many more. :)

Q-Do you have a webcam? I would love you see you live, not naked or anything, just see you. DO you go on for your members.
A-Yes I have a webcam. And yeah I go on cam for my members. They joined my site to see me. Thats what they get too. I do by choice :)