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Hey guys be sure to check out my new link to my personal journal. Come read about my every day life, what goes on etc. Cum be nosey! :) You can leave comments and your thoughts as well.




jan 25 2005

My live journal has changed the code. I dont know the new link now, but if you search chelsmaster666 mine will come up. alot of deep politcal stuff in there. You can also leave comments as well. for free


Dec 14/2005

Hey guys, things have been so busy around here I been going nuts :) I love the holidays. I updated my wishlist its not to late for Sanata  to get me some sexy things. And some fun toys to test out.  Remember I send all gift givers a thank you gift, and I also give all curent members FREE webcam shows every sunday as long as they are a member. No matter how many times they watch.  For more personal info, and so on. And if you are just plain nosey Please check out my live journal. My user name is chelsmaster666  . I know crazy name. Well hope you all are having a great holiday so far.




Wow Its been one month since I started my new journal with the link below.
i have some people all upset cause I go into, too much with it. Like
personal stuff. and how real friends of mine talk to me with msg in my
journal. I want you guys to know that I am a real person that loves sex!

Also.. I have decided to add 1-2 videos a week for sale. I have one video
up for my balloon lovers right now. I will add one and more for all the
fetishes I cant wait. Please send in your reguests.

And as of now. Every Sunday CURRENT members can watch me on my webcam FREE
for some chat and play. Email me your user name on my site, and your yahoo
msg name. I will add you and then you can see me. Every sunday 10pm standard
eastern time. NY time. but I am in niagara falls.

Nov 9/2005

Hey guys and girls if you guys are wondering why I havn't been adding
anything to my journal thats cause I have a new one. The links below. I
think I am going to start using this as a News and accouncements area now.

As you guy are aware christmas is coming, ! My first one being a charm, I
hope Santa is good to me. *wink* I would love to get sexy clothes, high
heels and yummy toys from my wishlist. All gifts I get I return one. also
model them off on my webcam for you guys to see.

Also there should be a video up in the S-C sales today or tomorrow my first
one. Show the love guys. *wink*



Hey Guys. Just  a reminder. I have a new journal at www.livejournal.com/users/chelsmaster666/ or search chelsmaster666 in the journals. And you can read and post even comments on my enteries, either requests thoughts about my entry. It could be alot of fun. You can also do some of my tests.

I did 1 out of 3 of my tests for cancer. I have more details in my livejounral.

I am back to  updating 5 times a week again :) hope you guys all enjoy.



Oct. 14/2005

You guys can read my journal on this link :) check it out there should be
some fun things to read and quiz's. I can also swear. see you there.


Oct 13/2005     Hmmmm Hockey...  new jornal..and well stuff you know words.

Ok now that all of you that read this know that I am a nut..  I like to do strange things, and well act different and fun. Thanksgiving was great alot of fun. Had 2 dinners, one on sunday and one on monday. Well..  I am going to let you in on something about my family..  My parents are a couple of hippies and my dads just plain odd... During dinner he talked about how apes have bigger you know what's them humans, and how one time he did a number 1 on a bunch of dandilions that this guy at his work always puts in his sandwich. And then the other dinner...  They talked about golf..... the legion.... how the ham tasted. It made me nervous. Cause I know before x-mas these 2 families are going to get together, and well.. talk.. knowing my father.. things should be VERY funny but..  might scare the average away.  Talk about clash.. i cant wait..lol

For the few of you that might know livejournal.com I am going to start one. I decided that only updating once a day and having a timeline I have to follow to get it in bugs me.  So this way if I add a update at 2am, it gets added.. And then you wont have to wait intel 3pm the next day to read it. Sound like a good idea?...

Omg.. you know what I heard..... that in Texa's its against the law for a women to have more then 6 dildos or vibes! omg... I would be in jail. If you guys have any stupid laws where you are from? in your province?state?country even let me know :)

**kiss**  -Mercedes

Oct.11 2005  

Well Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I had 2 turkey dinners this year and I am totally happy that I have to wait now 2 months before my other turkey dinner. Yey Christmas I can't wait I love christmas. Watching all my favorite movies. snowball fights. cookies. punch omg. *dances* yey.

I am SOOOOO sick..  meh.. I have such a sore throat I don't know what to do with myself. I was so hard for me to fall asleep last night, I was going NUTS. I need medicine, and everything was closed yesterday.

I am having MAJOR problems writing some people back... I have no idea why but I have been getting alot of emails sent back to me. If you wrote me and haven't heard from me back. (thats not like me) that usually means that I can't write you back. Email me and ask me, and in my next journal enterie I will add the initails of the people I can't write. Try writing me in a different email address, or lower your spam controls.

Well I am going to die now. lol talk to you all later.

**kiss** -Mercedes

Oct.5/2005   KMFDM concert

Hey guys. I was so sick the last 5 days I have been going crazy, meh I hate being sick. But nothing stopped me from seeing one of my favorites bands in concert. I seen KMFDM again. Met the band again, got things signed, pics taken. Yey.. any fans of the band that wants to see the pics feel free to msg me and I can sent them to you. Last year when I met them, I was getting things signed, and well I got them to sign my boobs. LOL. yeah  I have 2 years worth of pics with them :) they are very fun and nice.

But I am feeling better, got myself in gear, and well the updates will g et taken this week. No worries, there will be 2 a day. One regular an one bonus a day full of xxx pics of myself. Hee hee.

Have fun and take care  *kiss* -Mercedes

Sept.30/2005                            Fires, wishlist....

Hey people.. Just to let everyone know I made a new wishlist. VERY cool stuff on there. Some stuff and toys I have NEVER even heard of electro toys? I have one on my list I wouldn't mind trying..  Kinda neat I think. That's one of the toys on my list I am just dying to try. Its neat the list too cause you see the picture of the item, details about it etc. Alot better then my other one. 

I also made a halloween wishlist. I love dressing up and playing roles, that's a big turn on for me is roleplaying so fun and different everytime. There's some sexy outsite, like the sailor and the army pin-up  girl.

Yeah some bad news..  seems my brother and his family were forced out of their house at 2am. *cry* the forest fires is way to close to them and the police gave them 20 mins to get out. So now they are at a hotel room, my nephew as well. They weren't allowed taking the 2 cats, so they shoved them in  suit cases.. lol  gotta love my brother. I swear give me the southern- Ontario winters over ANYTHING.. too scared of fire's, tornatos, huricanes, earthquakes, flooding..  makes me feel bad, but yeah...  Nice place to live there in Augora Hills there brother. hope his house still stands tomorrow, they just bought the house too.

Well talk to you all later, have a great weekend. Feel free to write me PEOPLE...lol :)



Sept 28/2005     Sore, sore, sore.. and halloween and omg.....friskiness.... argh.

OMG this month has gone by way too fast. I don't know what the heck happend. Aww well my favorite season is here, not only cause of halloween, BUT the humidity is gone. About time.. well I shouldn't say that we just had a day in the 30's. meh! I can't wait intel halloween. This would be the my FIRST halloween being a charm. I can sense alot of cool costume updates coming up. Can't wait. I would do them now, but I dont have any customs besides the police one, and the nurse.  And a make shift school-girl I put together with my own stuff from shool.  If you guys want to help me out with outfits, even props cool ones like odd hats and wigs! You know I don't have even one wig! ahh well hopefully some of you will get me some funky wigs and so on for pics! make things even more fun and sexy! Email me if you want to give me a treat or trick for halloween. *smile*

I just did a work out..omg omg omg I need to get into shape..  meh it was a fast 30 mins cadio and endurance OMG OMG..  well actually it wasnt that bad..  Of course the first time you try a new DVD its like "woa what the....." and your body shakes doing the stupidest things.  Like push-ups.. MEH to those.. lol I don't think I can say the name of it, BUT its something that helps strippers get fit. HOWS those apples? anyone guess.....*wink*

I been WAY overly sexual this last while too. grrrrr I would hate to see what I would be like when I hit my prime in 8 years. They say women get into their peak in their 30's. Everthing I look at, everything that even brushes against me, even in a hug I get all hot down there. I need a BIG HOSE....

Well enough with the ramblings of a mad women. have fun people....  still curious WHO reads this..  just a little email. FEED BACK... *blush*

**kiss**   -Mercedes

Sept 26 2005

Wow I had a busy weekend. Well I went to a convert on friday night. I been Huge Dillon and BifNaked. It was loud and very cool concert. I was right in the front so I could see everything. Hee hee I even seen up BifNaked's skirt. Yey... Well after that I wanted some wings and beer and boobies. My version of WBB..lolOr BBW.. in whatever order.

There I seen my friend dancing and I was talking to her, and she was sitting with me for a while. Then we go into the bathroom and talk some more. There this smaller black women came in there and it was like she was trying to bud in and take  my friends attention off of me. Well I leave the bathroom and come back to sit. And then the women that came in there, came up to my table and said " You stay away from "name" I owner her, I am just warning you to stay away from her".  What do I do I LAUGH... that would be the day when just anyone tells me wh! at to do. I kept laughing at her and putting my thumbs up. That made her SOO mad... Well I never stoped talked talking to my friend and she came up to me again. I laugh harder. Finally I was about to snap, but my b.f got me out of there. Funny huh? I plan on going back to see what happends...

**kiss** -Mercedes

Sept 19/2005  help???..lol

Wow... Hmmm I am in a little bit of a pickle...  A week ago I had a 3some. Well turns out that the girl lied about her age! And so I have her father emailing me and well being scary. Anyone with legal advice.. HELP.. lol meh. I am ALWAYS going to find out before I do anything with ANYONE.. I dont care if you have streaks of grey GOSH..lol I cant go into details. But I could in a private email. But yeah I think everything will be ok, but not sure.

I CANT WAIT INTEL THE HOT IS GONE.. I am so sick of the heat.. no more.. its 30 outside and its only 10:30am..

I also need to lose weight.. But I cant join a gym cause I have no credit card. What the heck is that all about? Meh I need to shape up. No more excuses... no more ice cream! .. even though its soo yummy *drool* I want a catwomen body by christmas. Anyone wanna help me?

Have fun and take care **Kiss**-Mercedes

Sept 16/2005 something else of course.lol

Hello again. I just wanna say something. I get alot of emails of people thinking I am depressed. Which I am not. I am actually very happy at the momment. Just the things around me are falling apart. Like the camera, now computer, job issues. The fact that this is is basically my main income and its been going slow, which really hurts my finacail needs. Maybe its just a bad month. I know once I get a camera I can get the updates back up there, and so on. But meh.. And the passing of my grandma isnt sad really she was 86 and very sick. Now shes better somewhere else, where I dont know but happy at lease. About my sons father. Hey he did it himself I have no hard feelings. He was a lost man, hurt and well addicted to everything that was bad in his life, hopefully hes better now.

**kiss**  -Mercedes

Sept 15/2005

Argh.. thats it I hate working.. My work has been crazy slow, I think its a ripple effect from the gas prices..  wow is there no end? People are always broke now. There was a few people at my work last night. But I swear the some of the cheap losers havent even tiped me over a 1$ in the last three years total! But they buy shots and drinks for people! Man the ticks me.. Like I understand that sometimes people dont have extra money or whatever..  but seriously.. every now and then its ok to tip..  I had the sitter last night. thats why I was so relying on tips.  Cause without the tips I am only making 3$ an Hour!!!!! I pay her 5 $ an hour to watch my son. I only make 8$. And half the time hes in bed anyways. Paying her to watch tv. But shes a good sitter though I like her.

174$ from a new camera..  help? so  I can take pics again.. paweese... *pouts*


Sept 9/2005    A little to deep maybe?

Wow have you ever met anyone that gave you so much energy just from talking to them? Its 3:48am right now. and I just had my new babysitter leave. I was home just before 2am! The whole time we were talking. We lived in the same building for 3 years and not even say hello to each other. I am actually very shy person. Unless you got me talking then I wont stop. This women...  wow she is just like me.  But a more wiser and smarter version. Shes been there and dont that. Not to the extreme as me. I am a VERY private person. No one knows about what I do, and anything I do. To think of it, I share more stuff in here then I do my 'so-called friends' maybe cause I know you guys would never judge me face to face like these people might. Or you will never know the real me, and this is my way of showing how I am actually like, without contact. Hard to say. I wonder actually if any of you read this and think of ! me, more then just some chick behind a camera. How many of you guys actually wonder about my real name...  the real Mercedes that wakes up with bad breathe. and cant eat beans on a date. *laughs* But doing what I do, I see people compliment the way I look. and the fact Iam shy to talk to people no on ever says about my personality. But I do make funny face's I go frown when I am mad and  when I cry my face goes all red, and my eyes and nose go blotchy (is blotchy even? a word?) Maybe I waste my time, thinking people actually read those words, but in a way its good cause I am medicating myself. gosh I go on and on. But being with someone for over a hour that sends nothing but pure energy to you is amazing. I feel like a cheese ball. I need to do something with my life....I am happy. my son is everything to me. Is it morbid to say that you are actually happy your ex killed himself, so he wasnt a father figure to your growing son? But yet I can sheild that from my so! n, and use his father weakness as a tool to make my son strong! er. No a buse is ever worth so called love. My son has a father figure, but not quite a father. But the light in my sons eyes is noticable..  then your a amazing parent.

**kiss** -MErcedes

Sept 8/2005

Hey guys.I managed to borrow my friends camera for a couple of hours this week so I was able to add some updates. I really need a camera this hurts me so much that I dont have one. Not only do I like to take pics for the site, but I also do it as a hobbie with photography. *sigh* I love taking pictures of everyday things. Make you realize you can still find beauty in the darkest places, and so on. Ah well I wont go on about it.

I had a great summer. I was up north for a week. Wow clean air! Then the first thing I smell being back in town is Hamiltons steel factories. ICK! It was so beautiful up north. I had a family of Loons live by the cottage I was at. Hearing them in the morning, and boats going by, going fishing in the early hours! Thats alot better then waking up to a STUPID friggen train that likes to honk at 5am!!! I caught a huge bass! A 4 pounder. Took the kids on many hikes and I caught a couple of snakes, and they were amazed and thought it was so cool that I did that. I caught a couple of frogs to. Of course I let them all go. I love the outdoors. I made AWSOME campfires.   I am make a FIRE.... I even did it from stratch...  I should be on survivor I would KICK everyones ass. The first night we were there everyone was in bed, and I was playing cards (IN THE DARK) no power. lol. and we heard a wolf howl about 20 feet from us. And about 10 mins later it was like another answered on the other side of the cottage! it was GREAT...

I had some sad news this month too, but I chose not to talk about that just yet... BUT GUYS help... donate and help  me get a camera I would reward you with panites, video work, cam shows memberships! I really need a camera. And the mo! ney I had saved had to go for a funeral..   that I w! ill talk about another time.

Anyways. ta taa  -Mercedes

Sept 1.2005

Hey guys..  As you might know I havennt been updating my site. As for I do not have a camera anymore. So its hard for me to get the pictures done. *cries* And something pretty sad came up too for me and the money I had saved had to go to something else. So I HAVE NO CAMERA... grrr it drives me nuts cause now I cant do what I want to do  and it hurts! If you guys want to help me get a new one, I will be taking donations, and once I get enough for a new camera I will send out video content worth the ammount given to me, and an extra pair of used panties. I really need a new camera. I want to show you guys the new outfits I have gotten, and the new toys. *cries* help....


Aug 11/2005

Ranting....... and  A New Meet Me Contest.  Meow

Just added to my site is a New Meet Me contest.  Because the first one turned out so well I have decided to do another. The night was filled with crazy fun times. It was a blast. I would love to show you pics of the fun that night. As a members shoot. But the winner didn't want their photos posted. So I guess you would all have to use your imagination. But the night was very very fun. The strippers that night loved me. ha ha quite the show.

I have noticed that someone has decided to go into my wishlist off of SexyWishes and click items off not buying them. That's a pretty sad hobbie I think. Don't you think you can do something else? Something more productive with your time? So just all you know. More then half of these items I never got. And it sucks cause those items I would have actually loved to have. I wish I got that many gifts. Hell I am running out of things to wear in my updates now. *cries* and I am running out of toys *cries* well who ever is doing that. I bet is to chicken poop to actually write me and tell me. Spinless I think. Ah well do whatever you think is cool.

Yey 9 more days intel I go to MoonRiver.... :) 'I am going to the Cottage. I love the cottage, I am going to the cottage, cottage, cottage, cottage. I love the cottage'. ( you have to dance and sing that, thats what I am doing)


Aug 9 2005

I had such a fun time in Toronto this past weekend. I finished off a bottle of wine the first night. OMG. it was nuts we just stayed at home and watched Sin City. Wow I love that movie. All day Saturday I wasn't hot. I had a hangover and on the vurge of being sick all afternoon. I don't think the greasy pizza and wings I ordered for lunch helped.. lol But when the kids were for a nap We watched a VERY sad depressing documentry about the conflict in the East. Called  'Death In Gaza' About WestBank and Gaza Strip. I swear I didnt move the whole time I was watching it. The saddest part was the camera guy the director too was shot and killed while filming it. And a little boy that met him that was on the Gaza side that was dead set on being a martyr and dying for his people in the militia, changed his ways cause of the camera guy. He was only 14 and holding rocket launchers and they were teaching him how to make gernades. But how that little boy wants to me a camera man. Wow it was such a touching show I cant wait to watch it again.

But then on Sat. night I had some good old highschool fun. Went out to a pub for something to eat. I had grillcheese with bacon. Actually pretty yummy. And then went to the beer store and got myself a 40 onz of beer and drank it in some alley with a bunch of punk kids. They are SOO nice... I  met so many nice people, it was refreshing. Wow I love Toronto. lol I was even blessed with a cop. We were sitting there and I was taking a HUGE swig of my bottle when I seen car lights cuming up to me. Yes it was a cop. I swear in my head. He got out of his car, by then it was to late to hide to the huge in everyones hands. There was about 15 of us there. He looked around.... Told us not to pour out our beer,  "don't waste it" he said. He also said how he was looking for some homeless kid that stole all of his stuff. And told us to have fun. My friend was even smoking something that is allowed in Canada now. BUT not on the streets. Gotta love Canada!  I have pics of that night  and any of my memebrs wish to see me outside the site. Email me and I will show you me drunk and acting silly with my friends. lol ha ha

**kiss**  -Mercedes

Aug 3 2005

How's everyone doing? I am ok, I just woke up here and its just after 9am. Having my morning cup of tea. Yummy! I notice I go back and forth with tea to coffee. Now I am on a tea kick!.

I was doing photos for the site last night, I been extremly horny lately makes me wonder what I am going to be like when I hit my peak of sexualness. YOu know how they say that women in their 30's are more sexual then ever! So I am kinda scared, No one will be save around me when I am wet and ready. hee hee..  Another thing.. I would like to thank all my memebers for all the sexy boots I have gotten., BUT I have never gotten just regular heels that show off my feet and ankles. Also another gift I have never gotten was wigs! I think it would  be VERY hot in a update if I was wearing a totally different color hair and style. I know www.sexywishes.com has some SEXY wigs in the accessories catagory. I guess anything neat colored like a red or blond. In fact I think it would be SO hot if I showed you all what I would look like with blond hair.  

Wow I am surprised at the ammount of people that answered my trivia from Monday. Yes It 'Was Video Killed The Radio Star' *smiles* Be sure to look for others.



Aug 1 2005

Hey guys and another weekend went by. I swear time is going to fast. I just had a birthday, and well I can think back a few years as if it was a few weeks ok. Man, I guess I better get with what I want to do with my plans in my life. I know once my son goes to school all day. It would be alot easier to get a better education. And well make a career. Working the bars are fine now, and well it will serve it purpose for bills but that's about it. I want something with good benifits and a retirement plan and well, Security. I know when I become older I will get less tips and well. I just know how it will turn out. I was thinking maybe an RN, Biologist.... I dunno...  *sigh* I know I have to get the gears going and the thoughts in my head intel I pick what I want to do. It was own my own bar, but again.... Owning something is too much work..... You have to set your own benifits up and all the funky jazz. I am covered now as in healthcare, dentist and glass's. But maybe something in my own name.

Well I am back at home now. *sigh* it was fun while it lasted. BUT being in a huge house with too many windows freaks the hell out of me. I keep thinking theres someone outside watching me, or trying to get it. It took me forever to fall sleep, and I think maybe I watch too many horror movies, watch too much news. See once I get a house, and then I can get myself a trusty doggie to bark when theres people near the house.  Then I would have 2 cats, 1 snake, dwaft hamster and a dog.   ZOOZ... lol

**kiss** -Mercedes

July 27/2005

Hey Guys. I am babysitting a house intel sat. I will update on friday for sure. I can not send in u pdates at the house, its a family members house..   so that would be kinda bad. lol. if they only knew... lol I been eating off the BBQ all week its great, I can not wait intel I get a house which should be soon. I hope,  this apartment is getting very small now.

I have decided to add pics of me doing everyday things. What do you guys think? I have someone asking me that if I could take pics of me washing dishes, watching t.v. in the bathroom. I dont know,  should  I?

remember my bid ends in a few days.... interested in meeting me and having fun? check out my 'Meet Me' page. Might turn out to be a members shoot, depends if the date goes smoothly. It could also just be a private shoot and not on my site.

Well I have to catch the bus. Ick.. I am not used to taking the bus.. ick again. lol have fun and take care all. Muah.. Also if any of you want to talk, please email me :) I answer ALL emails, well I cant answer some cause they bounce back to me, *cries*

**kiss**  -Mercedes

July 25/2005

Wow what a weekend. I had an awsome time at a stripclub  I went on the stage had my breasts showed to everyone, skirt pulled up, it was nuts. All night this one stripper kept bugging us and wanted to come home with us. lol ickkkkk.  sorry.. strippers are great to look at and play with (teasing no sex) but to actually do something with. nah sorry toooo scary. ha ha also would I really want to lick and be with a women that rubs her cookie on greasy men all day long? Mmmm  then we had some yummy yummy wings. They were a little too hot, but they tasted so good. Beer, Boobies and wings... thats my version of BBW. tee hee

I will be taking care of a house with a pool for a week so look for photos of me in a pool! Should be great. Alot of cool pics coming up. Hey just a week left in my auction! Why not try and place a bid? I think the dates going to be a blast! I have so much planned. Maybe even a members shoot? or just a plain personal shoot for him and I and no one else. That is if you really want to keep things private. 

**kiss** -Mercedes


SEXUALLY FRUSRATED!!! like you guys have no idea. Do you guys know when you feel tired and you are thinking about NOT having sex and just going to sleep? You know how once you get into it, and start moving around how you wake up? *sigh*   been a few days and usually you would think it would be wanted and kinda looking forward to it. I dunno maybe I am just over reacting? Maybe I am just to touchy and need to jerk off more. But usually when a couple works different shifts and has childern and alone time, the rare but late time you might want to take advantage of it, and well..... you know catch up on some things. I guess I see things differently. I don't see it a pain if I lose 15 mins of sleep because I wanted to get busy...  whats 15 mins? I dunno. *sigh* I just do so much to make the people around me happy and do everything I can to cheer them up, one would think that a little effection when you don't really want to would be something nice in return. Because I did things for people, and I guess I thought it wouldnt be a bad idea to maybe get down with the loven.. *argh* I am going to stop rambling.

HEY... some of you guys are writing me nice emails. I respond to ALL of them...   for some reason there are some emails that wont let me. I get it sent back as rejected. I even got a card in my email address from someone for my forgotten b-day *cries* but I cant write you back!. Maybe a virus program or spam program, just plan out you guys change your email address so I cant write but, just so I know you guys care. Thank you all. It made me smile. Ands very important to me right now. Cause I love to smile......................

**kiss** - Mercedes


Hmm I also wanted to remind you all of my auction to meet me for a date. Theres a page for all the info that is needed on your side. I have also something very specail planned for that night! And that I can not wait to do! The person that wins would be VERY excitted to know whats going to happen. teee heee I am evil! but ohhhhh so sweet. I also updated my wishlist with some sexy outfits yesterday. Still have time to get me something off of my list for my b-day! Better late then never. All people that get items off of there for me gets goodies in return, webcam work, panties, etc!. Also I will be doing paid webcam shows on set dates for only 2$ a min. Or 10 mins for 10$ or 20 mins for 15$. Wanna see me do your fetish? No matter what it is I am sure I can do it. *wink*

-Kiss -Mercedes 



Hey everyone. I am back. I have had ALOT of hard issues come to me in the last 2 weeks. I was in a bad part in my life and very depressed those that I talk to know of the extreme I went and how stupid I was. I am better and feeling more alive. I have dealt with my issues and had some help. Then I had to be there for someone else that was going through it too. So I wasnt around a computer, or was able to take pics for the site. I spent my b-day with family members all crying and meetings. So this year I have decided that I am not having one. I just thought that july 13 was just another day.  I had no birthday cake no candles to blow out with family and no presents to open. But I got a few from some friends I met on here but thats it. I have also had too many guys playing games with me on this site. Way too many to count, ones I have talked with and really thought were cool but still giving me the run around. I am not trying to be bitter about this I am just hurt cause my birthday wasnt what I thought it was going to be, and things just suck. But the updates are coming, I will do them all this week. I am just getting myself in order.

**kiss**  -Mercedes

July 6.2005

How was everyones long weekend? Mine was fun, I was in the pool all weekend. Got a little bit of color too. I drank way too much. It was nuts. On Sunday night the kids were in bed. And well it was nice out, had some beers, and music on the patio and well. We decided to do some late night swiming. lol. hahaha then the suits came off and skinny dipping was the thing to do. lol I love swiming naked. I love the way my breasts bounce underwater. Then one thing lead to anything and we started having sex.  That was crazy, it was very easy to be ontop.  The water helped me alot. hahahaha but doggy style made ALOT of waves and splashes. I wonder if anyone heard us? Cause I am not the quietest at times.  and with beer in me I tend to be louder. We will be watching the house for a week at the end of july! So then we will have more time to do photos of me by a pool, getting wet etc. You should see it, it's so nice.

Feel free to tell me your stories? Any wild nights? Please email me. *smiles*

My birthday is in a week. Eeek  another year older, another year to live. It sucks I have to work on my b-day but what can I do. The trafic on my sites been a little slow, maybe cause the long weekend, or its the summer, but I need to make a living and seems I cant just devote myself to my site yet.  I know once that happens I can do SO much more. I would have time to make all the clips needed and all the fun stuff. But working 35 hours a week sucks. *cries*

have fun all

**kiss** -Mercedes

July 1/2005

Hey Guys. SO what does everyone have planed for the long weekend? Well I am actually house sitting for a family member. They have som eteenagers that they don't want to trash the house and toss a party. So we are going to be there. They have a huge in ground pool that should help greatly in this heat. Tonight we are going to The Port here and go to a carnival with the kids and let them see the fireworks, and then they are off to bed. By the time thats all over it should be 11pm. So the adults will be having a late night swim here. *wink*  I will bring the camera see if I can take some photos for you guys.

There will be no updates on the July4, and the 5th. Southern-Charms has a holiday and they wont be working. But I will get the updates in so don't worry. I just woke up after only sleeping for 4 hours, and I need a coffee.

Eek did I tell you all that I have plans on the 16th for my b-day so go to a swing house party. lol double eek. we have never been to one so It should be interesting. Its not what I thought. Its just a bunch of couples, meeting others, having drinks, BBQ pool etc. And whatever happends happends. My hubby has a fetish that he likes to watch me get...  you know what.  so that should be interesting. lol

Have a fun and safe holiday all :) dont get too drunk. I know I will. HA HA..

**kiss**  -Mercedes

June 30/2005

Hey people! Well I finally have plans for my b-day. Yey it should be very fun. I have my bestfriend that I have had for 145 years coming over. We started being friends in grade 3.And really havent stoped. We lost contact for 8 months. I dont know what was wrong with me. I lost contact with all of my friends. I think that I don't have time for it. But then, I really do I have to make time. We planed the weekend filled with childlike behaviour. She was the first women I have ever been with. I was with women before I was with her. I been feeling down and alone lately, missing out on alot of stuff thats happening around me, like with my close friends etc. And I need to pull my act together and do something. She is like a sister to me, and no one will ever compare to as close and deep our friendship is. Well I think anyways. The time apart on my side I don't think it does damage, I know I wont open up to anyone else like to do to her. Shes been with me thru good and bad, and always listened no matter if we were fighting and being teenagers. SO I cant wait. Thats the weekend before my b-day shes coming down. So yey....

I am also surprised about 'Meet Me' area. lol

And whoever is cheating on my polls. LOL. I can kinda realize which one keeps getting voted and revoted on.

Cant stand the heat...  ick... ick.. ick...  and 2 weeks intel my b-day omg..  At lease you guys can send me a card on the day *wink* its free and easy to do online now.




First off I hope you all enjoyed this HOT weekend we had. Well it was very hot where I am right now. Its crazy hot.

As some of you would have noticed by now is that. Theres a new link on my site called 'Meet Me' Please read it all if you want to meet me. It should be alot of fun. Looking forward to it. I also have a vote option in my main photo page. Please take the few seconds it takes to vote. please feel fre to email me your choice and why. So I want people want to see more of.

I have a fun weekend. Went swiming at a family members house. Had a great time. The water was so nice it felt amazing on my hot skin. It really cooled me down. Also I went strawberry picking. So now I will be eating alot of those. Mmm Yummy. Going to make cheese cakes, shortcakes and some jam. I have TOO much now. And on saturday night I drank too much. Ick.. lol

I also starting talking to this guy he is such a great awsome guy. And he loves to pay for things and I allow him too. We only just started talking but I see where I can make  him do things for me in the future and tease his nutz off. I never realized how fun and pleasing it could be to talk to him. I cant wait intel I can tease him on cam again. I wonder how much he can take of it, without exploding. Hmm I am going to go to bed and think about other things I can get him to do or could get him to do.

Remember my b-day is 2 weeks away. If you guys wanted to send me something just check out my wishlist button on my link then get my address. I love getting sexy gifts, they make me feel so sexy. Even better some sexy shows or toys.




Hmmmmm only 3 people want to try to make a new logo for me. *cries* come on people don't be shy. lol. Give it a try for me. *pouts*

My b-day is 3 weeks away. Eek...  Hmm I think I am going to stay 22 forever!!!!!!! If you want to get me something special for my b-day please don't be shy. I always send a thank you gift in return. And its worth it. *smiles* in fact I have new items added to my wishlist. 2 wigs I don't own any and I think they would look great in a update. I really want the short haired blond one. *crosses fingers*

I am also adding a poll area to my site. Where you get to vote on your favorites in many areas. I am also adding a vote on my photo's page PLEASE take the time to vote for it. It's about what you guys want to see etc. Hmm I am also thinking of adding a guest book. *smiles*  Do you think these are good ideas? Please email me you guys.  Don't be shy....

Well I finally got my video camera fixed. YEY...  but now my DVD burner is out of order and not working. Grrr I need a new computer so bad, and I need a new camera, mines only a 2 megapixel..   *cries* imagine how my pics would look if it was done in a better camera. And also the face of my camera is broken so I get no preview AND it takes like 5-10 seconds delay after everypic is taken. It seems all I have is falling apart. I hope everything keeps going or else I wont be able to have this site.



June 20/2005

Another contest. I am looking for a new logo for my main page of my site. I have 2 pictures in which I want  used. I will only post or change my logo is someone uses these 2 pics I have. If you are interested in helping me, or creating even artwork for my artwork page please write me. I do have some guildlines.  Please place Mercedes Summers in full on it somewhere. Try not to cover anything in mayjor detail of me. Example tattoo, face, shoes. If needed to be placed over legs, arms etc thats fine.  Please have the same TEXT theme as the logo. If you do a fire look to t he pics, please use simular text NOT plain bubble letters. The letters make the pic and logo. Please try something different, fun. You think fits me. Add different pics to them if needed, props etc. Please no logos, or ANY kind. Even if its your own. I hope you all are interested for this and very excitted remember its a contest. I will post the best and rotate them. Even if you don't think you can do it. Please try I will love to place it in my artwork and see what you come up with.




Grrrrrr I hate being out of order.  Grrrr the last 2 days I was to um..  errr....  well...  sh...  sick.... to make pics....   But it seems I will be ok tonight. yey. I am trying something different this week. A fan asked me to do a set of pics, with something different on, and so on. Well I emailed that person back saying of course that I would try it, why not?. lol. then I got SO many emails with ideas about it. So you will all see tonight..  In involves rubber/smoking and cleaning..  Thats new...

Also I wont be able to make pics outside this morning. STORMING..  but omg I love storms.. It would be so nice to have you know what.. *wink* in a thunderstorm. I still never did that. *sigh*

OMFG...  Fathers Day is cumming.....   I have a question from all the dads out there.. Well first off. I would like to wish you a very happy Fathers Days. Also what would you like to get. LOL nothing sexual here. I need ideas to get my pops something. And my minds blank. I know you all would help me out.  PLEASE email me what your perfect gift would be..  What the heck! even tell me the sexual ones if you wish...  but try the clean wishes too. lol

Luv Ya   (even the tattle tail that I have).. HAHA

**kiss** -Mercedes


Hey Guys and Girls. Sorry for about the no monday update. I was away all weekend at a much needed trip out of town. I must say I had alot of fun. Meow I am actually very sore cause the ammount of fun I had was too much. Ha ha I said too much, like theres such a thing as too much. Well not at the time intel after when you are healing. LOL. You know I will update still 5 times this week so don't worry.

Summer is here, oh BOY is it here.... Way too hot outside. I am trying to do some sets outside, I think it might be cool enough to pull it off. But when you wake up and its already 30 degree celius with the humidex thats CRAZY and it goes up to 40 degrees by the afternoon. What is this?..  grrrrr I don't like it when its too hot, drives me nuts.  I dread to see what the weather is going to be like when its middle of summer when it usually is this teperature. *cries*

He he he my b-day is coming fast. I can't wait.  But then I can.Remember if you want to get me something for my b-day check out my wishlist link in my wishlist area.*wink* I haven't made any plans on what I was going to do YET. I am thinking of going to Toronto to visit my bestfriend of 14 years.. She's a hottie. Meow she is the first women I have ever been with. When I was 14. I wasnt with a man intel way after that. lol.

Well I am going to crawl into my bed and die!!!!!!!!!!  Talk to you all later. Please also...WRITE me.. about any requests or anything.  For some reason some people that write me, their emails get bounced back to me. *cries* I DO write everyone back. But sometimes it wont get to them. Please don't think I didnt care of ignoring you. Try writing me in another emial address you might have. Ta ta all :)

**kiss** - Mercedes


Mercedes Time to RANT......

I got into a coversation with some guy that claims hes a great artist and wants to work on some of my pics. Well the convo was going great and he seemed VERY nice. Then all of a sudden he said this, "Would it be ok if I removed your tattoo?","I don't really like them in my art". So I told him that the tattoos on my body are my own artwork and I am very proud of them and well they are part of me, and I found it very insulting. Then he goes."its ok I will use pics where they don't show".  What the hell is that, no one should ever do artwork of me if they feel ashammed for some reason of whatever lame BUTT reason is that he didn't want to use them.  Mind you during the convo I was very nice at saying, the tattoo s are part of me and told him no. Then he started insulting me, saying I could be beautiful without them etc.... what a tit! And asking me if the tattoos are supposed to make me look better. THEN today I got an email about retouching my stretch marks and removing a tattoo. I emailed the guy back saying that, "The stretch marks I am NOT proud of and I hate them with all my life. But the tattoos will NEVER be touched or marked out. They are mine, and part of me".

Oh yeah... I have some one reading my journal reporting all the bad words I say.  booo hooo..  what you havent seen a bad read dumbBUTT... you know I don't mean BUTT either. Get a hobbie will ya. When I am mad and upset about something, I say a bad word and you tell on me. SO FUNNY. Kinda like the tattle tail. Oh well tis cute whatever floats your boat.  LOL......and I know thise person will never write me either.  luv you tooooo.LOL

Yey I am wearing one of my b-day presents in todays update. Thank you... meh everyday my b-day comes closer....*cries* meh...lol

have fun all.




Heellllloo Allll. Wow this has been a crazy week. I am so hot its crazy. Grrr I dont have my AC up in the window yet. The Ac we have it made for a window to close down on it, and our window is horzontial. and closes on the side. So we have to build a frame to place in the window to reinforce it so it doesn't fall out. So we need 3 quater inch ply wood, and well thats hard to find for some stupid reason. We call the hardware stores and you can only by huge sheets of it, and we only need sheets...  *sigh*

I think I might go to the docter about my finger I hurt in that rumble with all the guys a couple weeks ago. It is still very sore and hard to place pressure on it. Grrr and Its hard to grip on something with that finger cause It's weak and hurt its odd. I dunno..  help??..  *cries*

Oh yeah, Thank you for all that got me something off my wishlist. My birthday is a month away now. Eeek...And also thank you for all that are thinking about it. I am so busy getting thank you gifts ready for those that have been so nice to send me stuff. I am getting ready to do another update for tomorrow I am feeling VERY frisky and I wanna let it all out.  Have fun and take care

**kiss** -Mercedes 



Hey Guys. Well since I last wrote you guys I am sure you are all wondering how the thing with the 5 guys went. Well we got a call from the police officer's and well we can not charge them. Because the damage to us was nothing. LOL. and they ended up with black eyes, stitches and broken noses. To think of it we actually did a great job :) we kicked their ass's.. lol its pretty funny now that I think of it.  I didnt know I could fight like that. I am more of a person that goes out and have fun, I don't like fighting.

I got a new tattoo on Tuesday night. Can you gues where I will let you guys look around in the next update on Friday, where it is. I do have a  bonus update for my members today. But just for fun I decided to hide some of my tattoos. I play too much with editing.

Well my sons in school. I am feeling frisky and I am going to get ready to do a set of pics for you guys. And this on eif a request for a very special member :) have fun and take care all.

**kiss**  -Mercedes


Wow..We go jumped..  Heres the story. I went to a stripclub on Sunday night. First time since we were able to go out since my fiance had the surgery. We had a blast, i got up on the stage and got whipped by two young hot strippers. They took off my top and wow it was so much fun. And then at the end of the night, some girl starting hitting on me, and went down on me on the stage. It was a perfect fun night. Expect the bad music they all danced too. Man they should dance to some harder music. LOL we were from from 9-2:30am and had 4 pitchers just the 2 of us. We also went through 30 wings. Wow they were only 20 cents each. They were soo good never had them so good.

Well we were leaving, and we came out the back door. There we see a  guy standing by my hubbys car . We asked him to move away. He didn't and just had a dumb look on his face. So i got into his face and pushed him away from our car. Then he puched me back and my fiance ran at him and punched him in the face. Then the next thing I know the 4 other guys that they were with jumped us. I was held down by 2 guys while the others were fighting my fiance. Man I fought and I hit some of them really bad. I made a huge gash on some guys head, and blood was everywhere. Then I seen my fiance was down on the ground I got away and went crazy on them. I never seen him fight before and holy crap. Just after surgery he was doing fine. Well  We are fine, no bad marks, black eyes, fat lips just sore knucles. My fiance was able to get away and started banging on the door of the stripclub. Then they came out and the loser took off. We got the plate number so we can press charges. We got home, called the cops and they told us to call them back when we were sober. We called the cops 5 hours later they were here. Well they contacted the other men, and seen them. Turns out because they have more damage then us, they can actually charge us. The fact 5 against 2. and one being me a female doesnt matter. One guy has a broken nose, and the other needs stitches because of me. 

Well I will tell more another time. I am off I am getting another tattoo done tomorrow. YEY.  you will all see later.

**kiss** -Mercedes


Hey guys. Sorry about my wednesday update. I will catch up tomorrow. I worked on Tuesday night, and well. It was really too late when I got home. Today is my 3rd year anniversary. This day 3 years ago I met my fiance off of a chatline. Crazy huh? So I got him a Sony PSP for a gift and hes getting me a tattoo on my back for my gift. I am not sure of what to get. Any of you guys want to send me in a sample, it maybe give me an idea?

Also anyone have requests PLEASE email me, I love getting emails and ideas form my fans and my members. Have fun take care all I will write back on friday too.

**kiss** -Mercedes


I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was crazy worked alot, take care of fiance and son. He is getting better everyday he can do more. But waiting 2-3 weeks intel we can have sex is crazy. Heck I am going nuts and its only been 4 days. I am so sexually frustrated I am losing it. lol. Meh. He has offered to give me head and sit on his face. But I don't think its fair. I might be able to give him head next week. Depends on if the wound is still very sore. Then we can have fun, just leave out the sex.

This week I will be doing my 50th Update on friday. Watch out for that one, should be one hell of a fun update. I have something planned. *wink*

I was in the middle of doing a cam show, and my mother came to my door!!! I heard the knocking at my door so I got up and peeped out the peeped hole, seen who it was, wow I never got dressed so fast and shut off the computer. It was close! Lucky I had my door locked usually its unlocked.



Well my hubby finally had his surgery today. Wow what a long day. Well to start off I worked last night being wednesday intel 2:30am. So I was in bed just after 3am. Then the alarm went off at 6:30am..  woke up the kid and we got ready took my hunnie to the hospital. From 7:30-2:30 we were there. I was going nuts trying to stay awake in the waiting room. My son did a good job on keeping me busy.

Well I sent in my last regular update this week. Again I grace you guys with 5 updates.  Even though I have so much on my plate, I always make sure I do pics for you guys. I take requests too, so keep them coming. I hope you all have a great weekend. I will see you all on Monday with more updates. I have to get off of here and have a nice hot shower and play with myself. I get really horny at night time, and I can not have sex for about 3-4 weeks now. Hubby out of order, He has to heal. Ta Ta

**kiss** -Mercedes


OMG We just got back from the Nine Inch Nails Concert. It was so crazy. He played 18 songs in a row, no breaks, I never seen a performer have so much energy on the stage. I was right in the front, I was so close I could see up his nose it was so pretty. But the crowd got to crazy we had to leave that area. Then right after I left that spot. HE JUMPED IN. Look at the luck of that, If I would have stayed that would of been the best. But wow what I show. I was so pleased I went, in many ways.

Well I have to write his site. Have fun all. I will write more tomorrow. Well maybe just a quick note tomorrow. Hubby going for surgery and I will be in the Hospital with him and make sure hes ok when he comes home. I might be a little busy. Well have fun and take care. Hope you all didnt forget about mothers day and got your mom a really nice gift and card.



Wow tomorrow is the concert yey I am so excitted I can not wait. OMG. Mmm I am going to see Trent Reznor...  *drool* hes so man pretty. I can not believe how much is on my site already. I have over 3000+ pics and wow all the goodies inside.

I had a great  Mother's Day, My son drew me an very sweet and nice photo of him and me and our family and a very nice card. Wow I cant believe he is five now. I had a great yummy dinner made for me, and also alot  of rubbing. *wink* Man   I love getting licked.  Now after doing a milky wet set I am getting feed glass after glass of wine :) Isnt it great being a mommy.

I was also watching one of the free sites you have access to once you join my site, and its a Colledge Dorm room and 3 very cute young girls were showering. I get so hot watching people. they were washing themselves and laughing and playing it was SO hot. Then theres these live cams in a hotel room where you can watch one night stands with the crazy kinky sex take place, its very hot to know that , that action is happening somewhere right then. I cant believe all the sites you have access too from my site, I still havent gotten to them all.


**kiss**   -Merecedes


Hows everyones spring going? Well I think not many of you guys read this. I am starting to think whats the use. *cries* please if you do actually read my journal and care. Please write me and tell me, or else I will not bother with it. *sigh* every email counts.

I added my first girl/girl shoot. I been with girls since I was 14. But the first time it was done just for pics. WOW I have tons of pics with me and other female friends I have, but wow this was so hot. Wow I will always remember that night, Jasmine and I played. Check out my pics and see how I stuck my huge strap-on DEEP in her. Meow.

Again, another 5 updates for you guys this week. I hope you all dont get bored :) I work hard and I hope you all like.

A week intel the Nine Inch Nails concert . I can not wait. I wish I could meet the man Mr Trent Reznor, wow I would love to suck him off. *giggle* Well and also shake his hand. He is the strongest artist out there these days and can not forget how honest he is. I decided a new Contest. People that know of the band..  Send me  your favorite song by the group Nine Inch Nails, if it matches mine I will send youa  gift :) 

 Have fun all

**kiss**  -Mercedes

April 27/2005

Wow I ate way too much. *sigh* I been gaining a little weight the last week or so. Time to shape up and no more chocolate.  You know what it is Dairy Queen. Mmm Blizzards. LoL. those are my problems.

This week I was recovering from a 15 hours sex athon. lol. For 15 hours off and on I was either giving or recieving oral, and having sex. Wow I was so sore it was crazy. But it was soo worth it. Every now and then I have these marathons. Very fun.  Then I was at my momsys on the weekend and drank way too much where my parents always sends me more proof that they are very very very strange people. They are a bunch of Hippies. I think a mix between The Fockers (Meet The Fockers) and the Dharma's parents on Darma And Greg.

Well  I am off to do more pics for the site. Have fun all.

**kiss** -Mercedes

April 22/2005

Hey guys and Girls. Wow I have been so busy getting updates in for the site and doing custom videos. WOW I am so surprised on how busy I got. But I am happy to say I will have them all done and mailed by friday. Phew. that was a hard week, full of wetness and pic taking and movie making. The problem with me is I start one thing, work to the next and then go back and forth.. lol I learned now to do that this week and things work so smoothly.

I am really getting into the summer sprit. I have been trying to rollerblade and teaching my son how to ride a bike without training wheels. *stresed*.. lol I wish they can just learn how to do it. lol.

I have a major problem guys. My digital Camera is broken. I need a new one. After each pic it takes it stops and the screen goes blank for about 10 seconds. And sometimes it even shuts off and freezes. The screen where you see the pic is broken too. *sigh* its an old camera. So I think its going to die soon. Anyone wanna donate for a good cause? I will send out xxx pics just for you if you pitch in. cause I am sure you all wouldnt like it if I couldnt update anymore *cries* email me if you are interested  in helping me.

**kiss** -Mercedes 

April 19/2005

Hey all. :) How is everyone?. lol I am feeling alot better. Last weekend I drank way too much and triped at the bar where I work. *cries* it was so funny at the time, but now I have a huge bruise on my knee. As you will be able to notice in one of the updates this week. I was so trashed I passed out, and don't even remember getting woken up for some loven. That's scary.. lol note to self *never drink too much with people I don't know, might take advantage of me like what happend*..lol. To make matters worse the next day I was so hung over, and I got my monthly curse, that's always hard to hide in the pics, cause when I start to really have fun, I forget about it, and some might show. eek. Lets say those pics dont come in here.

In the next few weeks I am going to meet up with a super sexy Charm again. Meow. You guys need to check her out. Her eyes and body are CRAZY sexy. Like Woa!!!!!!!!!!!.. lol :) SO keep checking for those pics. check out her GREAT site, I am sure she will make you guys keep cumming *wink* Mmmm we all know Vanilla is always the favourite flavor. *sigh* She kiss's so sexy too. *melts in chair*

**kiss** -Mercedes

April 13/2005

Half of the pics are done T.D. I will let you know when I finished and shiped.  I will write so in here.

*****Hey did you all know if you join my site you have excess to over 15 xxx sites with Tons of videos to watch from everything from ebony, 3somes, gir/girl. SO dont you think its worth it? Email me and I will let you know how. *wink*. I checked out a few of them, boy did they make my panties wet. ******

Too all my members, my montly contest have been really easy cause more then HALF of you don't even wanna join in it. *cry* All you have to do it email me with your user name, stating you want to be added to the contest thats it! I hope you guys all liked my gifts members *wink* alot of fun doing it.

Well I am off to work. The site will be updated again today, and Friday. I update 5 TIMES a week. 3 regualr updates with free areas for the visitors, but for you specail members you get 2 updates a week with no sneak preview of the hot action.

**kiss**  -Mercedes


April 11/2005

Hey GUYS, hope all of you are well. I am soo hungover right now. I met this super sexy Charm last night and her hot hubbie.  Had wayyy too much fun at the stripclub. It was to wild, now I know why I do not drink where I work. I flash, and do bad bad things in front of people. I couldnt help myself I was surrounded by sexy people! ..

NEW RULES AND LAWS. for the people that know about the magazine I am on the cover and centerold of was not allowed to be placed on the site *cries* alot of crazy people are hunting the xxx sites trying to find ways to shut down or sue. So from now on us charms can not have any logos, being clothes, smokes, anything! I even have to try to blur out all backround products.  There are a HUGE list of guildines that we have to follow. I would have ALOT more kinly stuff in the site, but the laws will not let S-C have them in. Coming from a country where There isnt that many obsenity laws, this shocks me so much. I am used to the word f-word on the radio and T.V. People can walk topless, also only in their thong if they want. Where Totally naked strippers is allowed MEOW..lol :) But I understand that the laws change down there and S-C needs to be a step ahead to make sure they cant be sue. Here are just some of the things I can not post. That have been requested...

-Playing with fruit or veggies..lol  (cucumber, banana's etc)- Double penetration (using both holes) I am sorry but S-C has to have these rules.. to make sure we can not get sued.

Well To all those that want that mag. I am selling signed copies if youw ant them. There are different bundles and deals you can get with it too. Alot of goodies.  Have fun and take care all.

**kiss** -Mercedes

April 5/2005

Sorry for my lack of journal enteries. I have been busy working LONG shifts. But I need the money. I actually had something very interesting happen to me. On friday a LARGE ammount of money was deposited into my bank account. I have NO idea where it came from and so on. What should I do? I think maybe it was a bank error. Anyone that knows anything about this please email me. I want the money soooo bad. omg that would cause fun times..lol

Yes I am still doing the photos T.D. Please write me an email with details again on what you want. I lost everything on my pc, and the virus I had I think its the reason why your email addy wont take my emails. You must have a great PC..lol.  thank you so much.

I also added a very sexy and large bonus update. You will be VERY pleased. 

**kiss** -Mercedes


T.D from CA OMG you read this once before. I keep getting your emails. I keep answering but your email account wont take my emails. I think maybe cause I have a virus. PLEASE download yahoo msg, and add mercedessummers yahoo ID.  Or download MSN and add my hotmail address as the contact. You dont understand I have been trying and trying to write you. S-C knows I been trying to reach you, I am just hoping you will read this, and then notice all the other days I posted things trying to get your attention. Grrrrrrr I do not want this to get between us, I dont understand. Please add me there, we can chat there. I need what you want again and your address *cries* I have EVERY one of the emails I sent you, that got returned still about 11.

Well I added clips to the site :) me live. I am about to make more clips for the site, and photos, but I am stressed about trying to get a hold of my friend..  *sigh*  Thats all I can think about...  T.D. ADD ME TO YAHOO please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

**kiss**  -Mercedes

March 29/2005

Wow I am so surprised at how great my site is turning out. I owe my thanks to S-C for putting it together for me and my fans and members that keeps my ideas, pics and excittement going. I am also adding clips to my site too : ) Maybe even phone sex! ....Been thinking about it, not sure if I should bother getting another phone line, and not have anyone wanna do that with me.

Also I had a very fun webcam show for update 27. The member got to watch the whole update get taken, and got close ups of the action, in which you see in the members side. Also why are you all so surprised when I mention how I love to watch my members cams too. It makes it soo much hotter, and also watching a guy jack off for me drives me WILD. Watching a guy cum it what makes me cum! I am weird, but I LOVE watching it.

Please if any of you have anything to ask me? request? or just plain out want to say something to me, don't be shy. I LOVE getting emails, and I do personally answer ALL emails I get.

**kiss** -Mercedes

March 23/2005

OMG T.D.B I cant write you for some reason the email always get sent back to me. I am getting your emails. I can't write you back.  Iam hoping ou will read this and ADD me to yahoo msg at mercedessummers ID.  Or download msn and add mercedessummers@hotmail.com  I really want to talk to you. I keep hoping you will read this. I know you read it before. And I wrote you with other emails, and I got them all back. *cries*

MMmm  boy/girl stuff is finally here. I hope you all like.  I will continue this HUGE set next week. Too many pics and positons. *blushes*  Hope you all love the cum shot.

Thank you all for your emails about the disclaimer. I agree with you all too. It is smart on both sides to do it. I also can't believe the ammount of custom videos people want. I am so surprised.  Wow finding time for all this is going to be hard.. lol.

I am TRYING to add clips to the site.  I add them to my computer, and edit them etc. But when I try to make them sendable by emails is doesn't work. They get choppy and just plain sucks.  I know I am doing something wrong. I wrote Southern-Charms for help, hoping they can help me with it. I can send clips in MSN messeger so maybe  I can send S-C the clips in there, and they are post it.  *cross's fingers* I really want you guys to see me in ACTION. meow.

**kiss** - Merceded


Yey OMG.. The preview of the magazine cover and centerfold I am going to be on is up on the website. I will send you the link to is if you want to see it. Just email me.

Omg important, someone you know who you are. You email me all the time, I need to finish up this busines with you. You think I am ignoring you. I just realize you read this by your email to me today. My emails I send you all bounce back to me. It doesnt work, for some reason its always a failure. I need your address, what you want again and so on. I write you back all the time and I have ALL the returned emails I get back. Please email me with another email address you have, or add me to your msn or yahoo msg at mercedessummers on both msg. There we can chat for sure!

Oh yeah. I had a very upseting talk withsome one I was starting to trust and feel like we could be friends. It was about the fact I have a  disclaimer for my custom videos. I know all you guys that got videos off of me had no issues with that form. I would just like your input. I hate conflict and I am very easy going and would love to resolve this. Well I dont want to change the form and it was about how I make my fans sign a piece of paper stating they will not resale or show to minors etc, and he had issues with that and wouldnt leave me alone about it. It ended off with him insulting me by saying I wouldn't do a good enough video for him anyway and what not. That was VERY upsetting for me cause I tried to be so nice and professional. Well all I want to do is resolve this.  The last thing I ever want was the police at my door cause I sold to a minor and one day see my PERSONAL movie I made for someone in the movie stores and I can not do jack about it. I think thats fair. Same with you all that got videos from me. Thank you again, I know you all loved them too. *wink* 

**kiss** -Mercedes

March 13/2005

Hello! I am about 90% better *smiles* the steriods are working for my lungs. Lets prey they get stronger. I hate coughing and chocking everytime I get out of breath. And that is bronshitis doesnt make me have asthma. *sigh* I really hope I don't get that.  And the inhalers taste like METAL..  ewwwwwwww

Tonight I am having my close friend photographer over to take pictures of some boy/girl stuff. In which I really hope the paper work got there to SC cause I sent it out 2 weeks ago. Then you all can see how I take the real thing. *blushes*  But I am excitted for the photos, he always does a great job and makes them look great. If the paper work and the release forms for my hubby gets in to SC  They should be up by Thursday the lastest. I am doing a set of photos for the site anyways tonight. I am doing 2 sets a week, and a bonus every week :) and some extra  sets tossed in as well.

Well I have to shower and finish getting ready. I am waiting for a phonecall on when my photographer is coming over. Talk to you all later :)

** kiss** -Mercedes

March 9/2005

Hello people! I am so broke now its not even funny.  My favorite band ever is coming to town in May. And well I went  right before the time the tickets were going on sale and in 4 mins after the box office opens both shows they are doing here were sold out! WTF. The tickets were only 40$ each and so a pair would have costed 80$. Well seeing the last time this band was here it was 5 years ago, and they don't come around that often I have to go. So I called Sculpers and they wanted 250$ a tcket! whatever! And well the lowest I could find them was 220$ a ticket on Ebay, so I got them. 450$ with shipping. So now I am broke ass.  lol  but I would be so upset if I missed them.

I added over 150 pics to the site today :) in 2 sets, a REALLY wet one and a smoking one :) I am doing another set tonight but not quite sure what I am doing. Any ideas????

My GiftList is open now the link works. I am kinda sad that no one sent me anything yet *cries* seeing that some of the items in that link are as low as 3.75$.. lol

What I should put in their is a computer program I need for my PC so I can hook up my video camera to the computer so I can add clips. I have the video camera, all I need is the program and you all can see my LIVE anytime you want. pretty please :)


March 4/2005

As promised I added 2 updates and one bonus. I hope you guys all like the pictures as I am feeling alot better with my health and with my head issues.. LOL. I have alot of interesting photos cumming up. I am very excitted to have the updates on the way.  One is all my members know that I am unable to shave intel another 7 days now so that means almost a month without shaving. I am quite hairy. So I am going to take over 100 pics of me in the bath, shaving it all off! which should be alot, then my legs and so on. There will be alot of close-ups. Thats for a special member of mine, who has been asking for it. Then in March break I am teaming up with 2 other charms to work with. Meow. They both live within an 1 hour and half drive. And I am having my friend the talented professional photographer do some boy/girl shoots can not wait for that!. So alot of goodies is cuming your way in the next 3 weeks. And the last HUGE one VIDEO clips. I just need to get the software for my pc and learn how to do it.  Then I will be adding a clip a week maybe 2! Have fun all talk to you later.



March 1/2005

For all my members would know that I had 2 very unique piercings that I had to take out. For some reason  my body was rejecting them and I had allergic reaction to them. I am pretty red in the area where I had them. I am alot better since I am on medication for the infection and clearing up quite  easiy *smiles* with all the crap that happend to me the last few weeks. I was expecting something heavy to finish the string of bad lack. I am feeling myself. And I am FINALLY able to do the pics for the site. I missed it. I am doing 3 sets of photos this week, and an extra bonus update for my members. I am new outfits and toys to show you all , and now that I'm feeling sexual again, I am So eager to take pics for you guys to see and watch me release all this built up tension. Hope to see you inside *wink*



Feb. 23/2005

Hmm I have decided to stay. Even though I am having some health issues and work problems they don't have anything to do with the site :) Also to many would be crushed. Thanks for all the emails of support I got from you guys. That means alot to me. But I had to take my piercings out. *cries* got to that point it was dangerous and I had to think and act on the smart idea and whats best for me.

I also have great news. I got a video camera. YEY! So look for clips to be added to my site within the next 2 weeks. I need some software for my PC and so on. Then I have to learn how to do it etc. So I can start taking video requests for my site too. I plan on adding 2 clips a week as well as my 2 a week of photo sets:) I would do more updates if I was allowed,.  But I am only allowed 2 a week.

Also I have had some winners for my monthly contests. BUT please if you want to be added to the contest please email me and let me know. Both times I got a winners they entered a fake email address or a error in it so I cant get a hold of them. *cries* So the first person that emails me with their favorite picture from the members only area will win for the month on Feb :) Hope to hear from you all soon. *wink*



Feb 16/2005

Sorry guys!  I have had an awful 2 weeks. I have been so sick with bronchitis I was in the ER cause I started coughing up blood. Also I been trying to find work. *cries* which isnt going that good. Also I was ripped off by what I thought was a good friend of mine. Some one I been talking to since I started this site. And it totally screwed me over with my bank, now cause the cheque bounced they are charging me all this returned cheque fees and the way I found out was I went to get something for my son for his birthday  and pay with my bank card, and there was nothing in my bank. And his b-day is tomorrow. *sigh* With being so sick, and issues with my job now me owing money I don't have! and my sons b-day letting him down I almost closed the site I been so depressed. I don't trust anyone. I dont have the urgue to do it right now. And my piercings are infected and grrr I need some encouragement.




Hmmm  SuperBowl what are you guys all doing? I actually talked my boss into letting me take that shift back, so I'm working. I'm supposed to be be suspended from my work this week cause I have my own opinion and speak up when I feel offended. Grrrr Well I got into a fight with my boss, that he started. And well as a power trip or cause I don't agree with him on the topic he took away my shifts this week. And he knows its my sons b-day this week. That's like laying off someone at christmas time. Bugger! So I talked to his wife, she talked him into tonight. They both work in the bar.  I really hope I work this week, I really don't want to let my son down. *cries*

Cause I have to work tonight. I wont be able to do a set of pics for the site. Don't worry I will always update 2-3 times a week for sure!. We will see what time I get home at tonight. But In the mean time. Please send in pics ideas :) have fun and take care. 


Feb. 1/2005

Hey! Sorry for the lack of entries in my site! I been soooo sick for the last week. But I still been updating my site. Being sick and sore wont stop me. I'm feeling a little bit better, and I'm going to do another update tonight. Just debating on what. SOMEONE help me. lol.

 I also got 2 new piercings called christinas. They hurt so bad, and they are so puffy and red :) but they are cute. You can see them in update 12, when I get REALLY bad.. *grins*

I'm so close people to getting a video camera. Someone want to help to by sending money to help me get one for clips for the site. In exchange I will send them a naughty thank you video they way they want it. *pouts* then we both get what we want. *wink*


Jan 23/2005.

I'm kinda tipsy right now. ha ha. I just came back from my parents birthday gathering  they always liqour me up a little everytime I'm there. I'm just about to do a new photo update for the site. Hmm alot of people want to see my feet. Well I'm going to do it tonight for you guys. Then I'm going to get lucky. he he Im such a pervert. I would like to blame it on the wine I drank. Wine does make me very horny and frisky.  Also I havent been able to get on my computer all weekend, maybe cause the storm? I have no idea my computer isnt working right. I think its going to crash on me soon! *cries* I need new parts for it, so I can build a new one. Argh..  the things I need, stupid check list. 

Howday! Jan.18/2005

I had alot of fun this weekend. I did a photoshoot for a magazine I'm going to be in, in March. Isnt that great. OMG I'm so excitted Not only am I going to be in it. But im going to be the cover and the centerfold. Yey me. Its a swingers magazine here in Ontario Canada.

Im rather sore right now, from alot of loven I had the last few days too. Crazy times I got sprayed down in a club by a bartender.. cause I shouldnt go down on girls in a bar. lol But it was all good, it just made us moved to another part of the club. I will go into more details in my members area, I shouldnt say much here. he he.. *blushes* But I have nice juicy pics too. I cant place on the site. But I know she will be a guest in it soon. *wink* Have fun all and play safe. Members ask to see pics and I will send them to you.

**kiss** Mercedes


Hello again. I had a few days off of work. So I been bored alot, trying to fill this site with goodies. When I wasn't doing that  I go into yahoo chat. In the regional area I starting talking to this guy, he went to my site. And it turns out his a father one of my old friends. Isn't that strange, well to make a long story short. I think hes going to join the site . Eek. Which will be odd cause I used to hang around his daughter when we were kids. Is it strange that it kinda turned me on. I dont know, might be fun to see what happens. I also wrote about this in more detail in the members area. Have fun all.  I will keep you posted.


Jan 11/05:

Well this is my first journal entry for my members and visitors to read. Hmm what to talk about. Well first off my videos are going to be coming soon. Seems like alot of people agree with my wishlist area and pitching in for trade of custom video. So I am going to be having video clips, and other goodies for my site soon! Thank you guys so much!

Tonight I'm am doing an update for my site. I'm going to take 2 sets of photos. I'm going to so a shower set and I think a smoking one. I have a few new toys I would like to show you guys too.

I had my first contest winner of the site. But sadly they put in a false or had an error in their email address. So the first person to write me, with their user name wins for the month of Dec!.

I'm off to do a camshow for my members on yahoo! And then I'm doing pics for the site! Please check for the update, and more journal entries. I will add the juicy details about my camshow in the members only area. Have fun and take care!

-Mercedes Summers