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  WellCum to my fetish page!

 I get asked alot about what kind of fetish pics do i have? If I have a certain kink in my site? etc. So I decided to have a sample page of whats found in my site. I try to cater to all the fetishes and kinks that I get requested. But because of some laws I can't do them all and place them on the net. Here are just a bit of pics taken from my site with different kinks and fetishes in mind. Anymore  you can name? Anything you wanna see? Just email me with request. And I will do what I can to make you all CUM back. *wink*

 Gloves- (rubber and satin etc..)

 Boots- (knee high, thigh high hopefully ankle high soon)

 Shoes- (Heels, platforms, hopefully pumps soon)

 Feet- (massaging, crushing washing, nylons, bare, wet, messy)

 Smoking- (holder, without holders,while playing)

 Messy- (sticky, oily etc)

 Balloons- (Playing, popping, drawing, licking, sitting)

 **Your Special Fetish could be here too: Just email me and request it.**

Hope you like my pics in here and in the members area. Remember the pics in the members area are always better and more xxx. Only so much I can show here. And also if you want to see your fetish on web cam one on one. Just join my site, and you will get a free cam show one on one. Have fun and take care all.. Oh yeah play safe. *wink*


-Mercedes Summers

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