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The Art of Tease, Temptress and Seductress
 With a little quirkiness thrown in!

I've had an art page for some time now, but have recently received some new art from a couple of admirers.  I've always thought that most of the art I have received have capture me pretty well.  I've also included my past Home Pages from my site.  They are a work of art all by themselves.  This gives you a chance to see the entire page minus all the lettering and graphics that I add to my pages.  They aren't easy to do and have to adhere to size requirements as well as Southern Charms photo rules. 

The tease of a smiling quirky Bea looking through a bubble, the "Lady" having tea, the "Southern Bell" decked out in satin corset and garter belt, or just lying on the beach catching a few rays.  Then there is the temptress sitting at her dressing table, floating on a cloud or kneeling on a lily petal.  Finally the Seductress laying back in her bath, stretched out on a bed of roses, slipping her panties down over amble hips or the "Goddess" herself on her chaise. 

Of course with me there has to be a little quirkiness with the cartoon character Bea decked out for different holidays or sports, or the Goth warrior.
 I hope you enjoy the many sides of Bea Brite and the way several different admirers have tried to portray my many different sides.  I thank each of them for allowing me to use the art they've sent me and to share with others.

Of course you can see all the different updates these art pieces were created from simply by joining my Members' Club.  Maybe you would prefer to watch me move and hear my voice as I try to tease, tempt and seduce you by checking out one of my many videos. 

So enjoy the new pieces and revisit some of the older ones.  I also hope you enjoy the home pages.  I do most of those myself.  Sometimes their good and sometimes they miss.

Love and Kisses, Bea