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A Little About Me.....

Some of you have been asking me different questions and I've decided to make some changes in my Bio.  So here is the revised version.  If you have a question not covered here or elsewhere, please email me at   I don't promise to answer the question, but I will answer your email.


Age:  There are two things a gentleman never asks a lady, her age or her weight.  Just know I'm old enough to know better and two young to care.

Sign:  Pieces

Birthday:  February 21

Measurements:  48 H, waist 46, Hips 59

Height:  5"4"

Eyes:  Hazel, brown to green

Hair:  Well I was a warm brown, but I've been blond and I've been a red head.  At present I'm my natural color.  I've had silver in my hair since I was in my mid-thirties especially my sideburns, but now my hair is more silver than golden brown and will eventually become totally silver.  Since I love being a blond it doesn't upset me much.  You can always let me know your feelings,! but I think it's time to go natural for a while.

Muff:  Natural though I did have it shaved for a while.  I have thought about shaving again, but to be honest I'm just a lot happier staying natural and most members seem to agree.  After all members are they ones I want to keep happy.

Clothing Sizes ,Scents And Sex: 

Panties: 4x or size 11

Dress, blouse or pants:  4XL or W26

Shoes:  8 M

Bra:  46 G

Perfume:  Shalimar.  It's the only scent I wear.

Favorite Drinks:  Diet Root Beer ( I had to get off the caffeine), Tea, Champagne, or Margaritas.  What a combination!!!

Favorite Foods:  This is a tossup Italian or Mexican, though I like most foods.

Favorite Color:  This is another toss up, red or purple

Job:  Retired digitizer for industrial embroidery machines.  I've just been retired a short time, however.

Marital Status:  Very happily married, to a retired MSgt. USAF.  He is also most often my photographer.

Hobbies:  I really like sex.  I like to! read , swim (I'm a real water baby) and I use to do a lot of ! trail ri ding on horseback.  I love horses.  I also paint and do pen and ink drawings.  Did I mention I love sex?

Sexual Orientation:  Heterosexual all the way.  I've tried girl/girl and I'm just too straight.  Sorry.

Favorite Sexual Position:  I love the feel of my partner between my thighs.  It doesn't matter who is on top.  I love being able to wrap my legs around him or squeeze his hips with my thighs.  I also like doggy style and I give great head and I love doing it.

Turn Ons:  Men with tight buns in tight jeans.  I just want to squeeze those tight behinds.   I love romantic evenings with just the two us.  I'm a toucher so I love to touch and be touched.  It doesn't matter if! it's just the brush of your hand on mine or a big tight hug.  I love curling up in front of a fire with your arms around me.  Kissing me on the back of my neck will get you everywhere.  Also kissing me down my down my spine gives me goose bumps.  It just sends shivers through me.   So kiss me on the back of the neck and I'll follow you anywhere.  Have I mentioned that before?  Then it must be true.

If I've missed anything just let me know at .  As I said I may not answer the question, but I generally will and I will always answer your emails.  I also want to thank Southern Charms for providing me with this web space and allowing me to meet you and hopefully get to know you.  I've been here for a long time  now and guys I'm still having fun.  Most of that is all thanks to you, especially my wo! nderful Members who make it possible for me to be here.!

Love and kisses to you my sexy friend and please cum again,