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I love to fantasize and I'm sure you do sometimes as well.  Well in this case the fantasy is just me and you.  I'm always so prim and proper.  Oh I like getting dressed up and wearing sexy clothing, but I always try to remember to be a lady.  As you can see in Update 655 I am definitely dressed as a lady, but there are times when even a lady wants to let her hair down so to speak and be oh so much more.

Now you're here and I think it's time for me t! o take on another persona.  So sit down, loosen your tie and let me show you just how hot I can make you. 

First of all let me slip this skirt off and show you my nylon clad leg.  Here let me put my foot up beside you so you can run your hand down my leg.  Ohhhh, that feels so very good.  I love the feel of your hands on me and how gentle your caress can be one minute and then how deliberate and anxious it can be in the next.  Oh yes baby that's it right up the inside of my thigh.  Oh higher baby to the bare skin above my stockings.  Yes.  That's it baby just like that.  Up and back down wrapping your hand around my ankle for a second and then back up.  Almost touching my pussy, but not quite, not yet at least.

Then the shell goes showing my large breast and areoles through the sheer fabric of the bra.  I slip the jacket back on.  As I come close again you reach out spreading the jacket further apart and with just one finger you tease my nipple into a hard peak.  Oh baby pinch that nipple, suck on it right through the fabric.  After all the bed is just a few steps away.

Continued in the Member's Club.