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Q:   Do you answer your own e-mails?
A:  Yes I do.  I love hearing from you and finding out just what you like or what you might like to see, and even if there is something you don't like.  I do try and answer all my e-mails I just reserve the right not answer all your

Q:  If I join your site, what will I see that I won't see in on the open site?
A:  Thank you for asking and I hope you will join.  I like to believe that I give my members their money's worth.  First of all you will see a lot more of me and there is a lot more to see.  Kitty shots complete with cream, masturbation, spread shots, playing with my favorite toys, anal play, some girl/girl play (Sorry more just for fun than sexual.  I'm just too straight) and some girl/boy.  There are also videos in the ! member's section of me reaching climax. The members also have their own private email address.  Their emails are always answered first, though I answer all my e-mails.

Q:  Can I join without a credit card?
A:  Yes you can at the following site.

Q:  How often do you update?
A:  I post twice a week, every Monday and Thursday.  I already have 70,000 plus photos posted on the site and I add to that every week.  So there is plenty to see.

Q:  Do you smoke?
A:  For those of you who like smoking, no I'm sorry I don't.  I quit so! me years ago so you won't see any smoking updates, but I'm not! a fanat ic about people who smoke around me.  It also might see me playing around with a cigar once in a while though I don't usually light them.

Q: Are you ticklish?
A:  Yes in several areas especially the back of my neck, which also happens to be my best erogenous zone.  Kiss me there and I'll follow you anywhere.

Q:  What's your favorite kind of sex?
A:  I'm no prude, I know that's obvious, and I believe if it feels good and doesn't make either partner uncomfortable and no one gets hurt, go for it.  I'm willing to try most anything once.  I just reserve the right to say no.  I do enjoy sex, oral, anal or straight.

Q:  I would like to send you a little something, may I?
A:  I'm woman enoug! h to admit I love receiving gifts and they are always appreciated, but never necessary.  If you really want to send me something just write me and I will send you the address where you may send the item.  You've all been very generous in the past and I thank you all.  You are the best.

Q:  What does your husband think about your site?
A:  First of all my husband is my photographer.  He also likes the idea that there are so many men out there that fantasize about me and it really turns him on knowing he gets to have the real thing.

Q:  Do you meet your members or talk with them on the phone?
A:  My husband does have a few rules.  I don't meet or pose with members or talk with them on the phone.  Sorry guys.  I can e-mail you all you want.

Q:&! nbsp; Do you do custom videos?
A:  Yes.  I do custom videos and each one is done and priced on an individual bases.  Just send me an email as to what you have in mind and I'll give you a price.  I do reserve the right to say no to something that I'm not really into.