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About Me...

Age:  I'm told I look like I'm in my late 30s. But I'm MUCH older than that!

Birthday: 12/25 (yup, I'm a Christmas baby)


Marital Status:  Happily single but if you think you're "Master Right," feel free to give me a holler!


Favorite Color:  Royal Purple, Royal Blue, and Black


Height:  5' 10''


Weight:  275

Eye color:  A weird combination of green and blue that changes with my moods and with what I wear.

Hair:  Currently I'm enjoying being a vivid redhead.  And I do mean RED.  Have been all shades of blond to strawberry blond in the past.  And in one fit of curiosity, burgandy.  

Muff:  Prefer fully shaved, but grow out, trim or make landing strip for members who commission custom photos.  And I like my men's naughty parts shaved, too.

Ambitions:  100% honesty and inner character.  Oh, and to heal the world one orgasm at a time!

Dress Size/Jean Size:  22-24 depending on manufacturer

Panty Size/Bra Size:  ! 11/44DD (I have many matched sets - I love lingerie. Wa! nna know more about my undies?  Email me!  Wanna buy me more lingerie?   DEFINITELY email me!)  Do I have a lingerie fetish? One look at my many closets will tell you the answer!

Favorite Drink:  Now that I live in the desert, low calorie Gatorade.

Favorite Alcoholic Drink:  White zinfandel, almost all flavored vodka.

Favorite food:  Five cheese lasagna with hot garlic bread, oregano butter, and caeser salad.  And a side order of MiraLax, please?


Favorite BDSM activity:  I will lay on a spanking bench all day and night if you keep flogging me!

Perfume:  Avon's Treselle (no longer available, darn it).  So anything Oriental-spicy ! smelling, like frankincense, dragon blood or myrrh essential oils.  

Favorite music:  Extremely eclectic depending on my mood.  Melodic rock, hard rock, industrial, techno, new age, EDC, southern rock, selective rap, R&B, etc.  But when I'm fucking, gotta have me some Chris Brown, Usher, etc. "baby making" music!


Sexual orientations:  Bisexual, polyamorous, submissive, swinger, BDSM bottom - it's all good!  It just depends on the chemistry and there must be 100% honesty.

Sexual position:  Honestly, I like to change positions frequently in an encounter . . . I am a sensation junkie and love the feel of each kind.  But just be sure to spank my ass and pull my hair!

Weaknesses:  Dominant men who are well groomed; long hair or shaved heads; nicely defined chest.  Fast motorcycles.  A full moon and stars galore.  A really good men's cologne. And if you put all that together, I! 'm helpless!